Automotive Network Development Trends To Watch In 2024

Facing changing consumer demands for convenience and personalized experiences, the automotive industry is pivoting from traditional showrooms to mobile, temporary, and pop-up retail formats. This transformation addresses the challenge of staying relevant and accessible, leveraging automotive mobile networks to engage customers more effectively and directly. How automobile brands are innovating their showrooms to adapt to […]

A Year of Remarkable Journey at The Clear Idea

As we reflect on the journey that has been 2023, with pride and excitement that we, The Clear Idea, invite you to join us in revisiting the highlights of this extraordinary year. With every passing day, we’ve witnessed new horizons, embraced exciting challenges, and crafted unforgettable experiences that have left an indelible mark on our […]

Cisco Lights Up London Pride Parade with Eco-Friendly Tech Float

When Cisco, a leading American IT company, came to us with their vision for a standout float at London Pride, they were clear about their need for a design that not only looked good but also embodied their commitment to environmental sustainability. We were thrilled to help bring this vision to life, creating a float […]

Get Ready for a Spectacular Celebration at London Pride Parade 2024

London Pride Parade 2024 Registrations Now Open Exciting news for all you parade enthusiasts and champions of diversity – We’re thrilled to announce that the London Pride Parade 2024 is set for 29th June, just 200 days away! And guess what? Registrations are now open! If you’ve been dreaming about being part of this vibrant […]

Dell’s European Roadshow Adventure with the Tech Rally Mobile

Dell hit us up with an exciting challenge: they wanted to introduce their latest gadgets to the European market. But they knew that doing roadshows in Europe was a whole different ball game compared to the US. Their goal? To take their entire new lineup of products and accessories right to their clients and distributors, […]

Expandable Roadshow Vehicles

Benefits of Expandable Roadshow Vehicles & Mobile Marketing Trailers

Are you frustrated by event structures that don’t look very premium and need a small army to set up? If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place. Our Pulse units are the answer to your problems. Not only does our Pulse design have a real ‘wow’ factor, our expandable roadshow vehicles can be […]

Fortnum & Mason Steal The Lord Mayor’s Show

Fortnum & Mason Float

Luxury department store Fortnum & Mason stole the show in this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show. Their float was wrapped in iconic Eau De Nil light green and featured huge 5m LED screens displaying digital content to the crowd of on-lookers lining the streets of London during the procession. The fully wrapped vehicle was a cut […]

Modular Spaces Without Compromise

What are the Benefits of Modular Construction System? | The Clear Idea

CLICKS AND MODULAR BRICKS The impact of the fast paced digital (r)evolution is bringing new challenges to the automotive industry and leaving some of the market unsure of their next move in order to keep pace and stay competitive. One strategy being employed to keep ahead of the game is to invest in new and […]

Renault Green Tour Hits The Road

Mobile Training Center for Luxury Automotive Brands | The Clear Idea

Renault – Mobile Training Centres   The Clear Idea has a strong history of providing mobile training centers for automotive brands. We have taken BMW on the road to educate consumers about their i-series, the ‘Mini Makes Sense’ roadshow highlighting the benefits of Mini as a great choice for a fleet vehicle. But none of […]

POP UPS: Where Do They Go From Here?

Mobile Pop-Up Shop and Marketing Roadshow Trucks | The Clear Idea

Pop ups and brands are not new to each other. Brands have been utilising pop ups for some time now, however are brands moving away from the traditional bricks and mortar pop up, or is the right question is it now time for brands to move away from the traditional pop up store? These bricks […]