Welcome to our blog where we write about all things experiential marketing, roadshows and customer engagement in the customer’s playground with a particular focus on luxury and high end automotive. You will find examples of campaigns we have run for clients along with our thoughts on latest industry happenings.

It’s fair to say that different states and different countries are dealing with the challenges of Covid 19 in different ways. The events industry has been particularly hard hit but we are hopeful of seeing a much needed recovery in 2022 across the world. It’s our aim to lead companies in the recovery offering the best flexible customer engagement platforms on the market to hire, lease or purchase. Our solutions will help brands remain agile and managing the constant change in government directives.

One thing is for certain, the last 18 months have underlined just how much humans require real-life interactions. In this blog you will see how we are helping facilitate these interactions in a brand to consumer context around the world.

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Event Rent

The problem with being a supplier of luxury goods is that whilst everyone wants what you have, for many people it is beyond their financial

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