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‘The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design’

That’s our philosophy at The Clear Idea. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with best-in-class roadshow trucks, exhibition vehicles and hospitality trailers. No more ugly designs from the 1980s that require a small army to operate. Our mobile customer experience platforms are visually stunning and easy to operate with a skeleton team to keep event costs to a minimum.

From humble beginning our clients have taken our businesses across the globe and into markets we’d never dreamed about. We continually push the boundaries when it comes to helping our clients deliver brand experiences in their customers’ playgrounds. Many of the designs you will see on our website are unique – a perfect blend of vision, design and operational simplicity.

We also love taking a client’s idea and using our engineering skillset to bring the idea to life. On the site you will see our innovations in the US for online car retailer Carvana and Porsche which have raised the bar when it comes to experiential marketing vehicles in the North America market.

Not only do we take care of your event structure we can also assist with event management, logistics and planning at home or abroad for complete peace of mind. Or if clients want to manage this aspect of the activation themselves, that’s no problem either.

Our agile business model allows us to offer our event structures, roadshow trucks, mobile showcases and parade floats for hire, long-term lease or purchase making them accessible to a broader range of clients and their experiential marketing agencies.

At The Clear Idea we believe in making life easier for everyone – brand managers, event teams and even the bean counters. We hope we get to the chance to elevate your mobile experiential activations to the next level.

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