Parade Floats

We build the coolest custom hi-tech floats for organisations who like to smash it during the pride parades and show their employees the best time of their lives.

Branded Floats

  • If Pride season means more to you than a token gesture then we want to work with you.

  • We love designing and building the coolest floats and that’s why our floats are the ones that people love and the ones that get the love on social media.

  • We’ve created a specific division just for floats and parade vehicles. We feel your float should reflect your brand values and really engage the people on board and the public lining the streets.

  • A well-designed float can do wonders for a company and really show that you care. With a little bit of imagination and a relatively small budget you can do something that will be loved by all. And we want to be part of that too.

An Unforgettable Parade

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. A common side-effect is having a hard time to get your employees and colleagues to shut up after. They are NEVER going to stop talking about your next parade experience.

Hi-tech Floats

Integrated LED walls for content, an onboard generator to power events, space for DJ decks and speakers… and a lot more.

What's included in our services?

Provide the float

Provide the driver

Hire the engine truck if needed

Plan the logistics

Install Electical Items

Apply branding (optional)

Install the concept (optional)

Create digital content (optional)


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Yours Will Be All Over Social Media

"They're Having a Lot More Fun" - Your Competitors

The Clear Idea – Float Division

  • If Pride season means more to you than a token gesture, then we want to work with you.
  • We love designing and building the coolest floats and that’s why our floats are the ones that people love and the ones that get the love on social media..
  • We’ve created a specific division just for floats and parade vehicles.
  • We feel your float should reflect your brand values and really engage the people on board and the public lining the streets.
  • A well-designed float can do wonders for any organization and really show that you care.
  • With a little bit of imagination and a relatively small budget you can do something that will really impress. And we want to help you achieve that.

Pride in London 2022

Pride in London 2022 was bigger and better than ever before. After two years with no Pride this year came back with a massive bang! For The Clear Idea it was huge too as we pushed the envelope on many fronts from the sheer quantity of floats we designed in the parade to the technical elements. 2022 also saw a huge drive on the sustainability front with a focus on using the most environmentally friendly materials and vehicles.

Here Was 2022 In A Nutshell:

  1. On the day we had 45 members of staff including 30 drivers from a diverse range of backgrounds
  2. We built the first three floats in the parade and 7 of the first 10 floats in the parade include the organizer’s, The Mayor Of London’s and several of the key sponsors
  3. The floats for Tesco, The Gay Gooners (supported by Arsenal FC) & the sustainable Microsoft trailer were undoubtedly the three most eye catching in this year’s parade (all ours!). You can read about them later on.

Our Floats

On the following pages you will see a selection of the floats we have available & a description of how we can help. If you haven’t seen what you need, then get in touch anyway & we can create something unique just for you.

Low Rider Float

10 Metre Power Float

Power Float Compact

Showcase Float

LED Hospitality Vehicle

LED Flat Bed Float

Trailer Float

Low Rider Float

This low-level 13 metre float is perfect for groups wanting to house a large number of participants that are really looking to engage with the crowds lining the streets.

The extra-large truck bed means there’s loads of space for people, DJs, performers and all the paraphernalia needed for a big build. The perimeter can also be branded for a fully branded experience.

The Float Can Also Be Used As A Mobile Stage.

  • Great extended space for holding 40 – 60 people
  • Space for everyone and everything
  • Fitted generator and PA system
  • Safety handrails
  • Brandable soft banners
  • Attachable steps for easy access
  • Low level for crowd participation

10 Metre Power Float

  • With some Parades the guidelines dictate there is a maximum float length of 10 metres*.
  • As such, we have designed a range of floats called Power Floats.
  • The range is fully customizable to accommodate your design but the entire range comes with a high basic specification

*this has been the case in London Pride for the last two years

  • 10 metre float
  • 25 – 40 person capacity
  • Fitted PA system and generator
  • Brandable backboard behind driver’s head
  • Hard brandable panels (full height and half-height)
  • Optional goal post framework for balloon garland

Power Float Compact

  • For clients on a budget or for smaller organizations requiring less people on board we have a smaller version of our Power Float – Power Float Compact.
  • Compact features all the same elements as the regular Power Float but on a smaller vehicle to help keep costs down.

  • 6.5m float with 4m bed
  • 15 – 20 person capacity
  • Handrails and hard brandable panels
  • Fitted PA system and generator
  • Optional goal post framework for balloon garland
London Pride Floats

Showcase Float

  • For organisations looking for a crazy, interactive float which can entertain the crowd and everyone on board, look no further than our amazing Showcase Float! This blank canvass can be transformed into anything. All that’s required Is a little imagination. There’s loads of space to get creative and the upper deck can accommodate up  to 60 people

  • Safety handrails on both decks

  • Top deck capacity of 60 people

  • Integrated generator

  • Digital readout

  • Electricity sockets

LED Hospitality Vehicle

  • A high-definition LED vehicle featuring 2 x 5m LED display screens and upper-deck for hospitality.

  • Features: 2 x LED screens, on-board generator, electrics, lighting, hydraulic handrails.

  • The vehicle can be fully wrapped in vinyl graphics. A DJ can be housed on either the lower or upper deck.

  • Hydraulic handrails are easily deployed with the push of a button to create a safe environment for guests.

  • The deck is constructed from non-slip materials in case of rain & can be carpeted / covered for high quality look & feel.

  • In case of sun, there is also a sun-shade which can be easily installed.

  • Plug sockets on the top deck for powering small electrical items.

  • The vehicle has a max carrying capacity of 60 people.

LED Flat Bed Float

Our special build LED float was initially commissioned by Tesco for their UK Pride roadshow. The 44ft bed can accommodate a large number of guests (between 40 – 60) and can house an elaborate concept. Tesco visited all the major UK Pride events with this special-build interactive LED float.

Integrated LED Screens

  • Optional decibel-o-meter

  • Interactive digital content

  • Onboard generator

  • Hard and soft banners optional

  • Rainbow smoke*

  • DJ Decks and Speakers

  • Kiss Cam

Trailer Float

For clients that are looking for a float they can drive themselves this trailer float is a good solution. The float body is 6m in length so provides a great space for any float concept. It can be towed by a van or an electric vehicle / hybrid vehicle.

Safety handrails around the perimeter

Space for generator and AV system

No HGV licence required

Low level for easy access

What We Do

We don’t just make floats we actually manage everything from producing the safety handrails, making the decorations and installing them & much much more as you will see.

Themed Floats - Our Decoration Division

For some clients, Pride is such a special event they are looking for a fully bespoke float design service which goes above and beyond. Our specialist production department is able to take care of even the most demanding briefs. Our production team can custom design elements of your float so that we create a truly unique product for you.

Opulent flamingo theme

Inflatable blimps and flowers

Hand made giant horns

Giant fruit and vegetables on giant springs bursting out of boxes

Even a glitterball hotel room featuring a bright pink bath!

Project Management – All The Details Taken Care Of

  • For many of our clients building a float is a new experience (& typically performed in conjunction with their day job!). Our in-house project management team are here to hold your hand every step of the way.
  • From an initial briefing session, we will provide options that best suit your requirements and your budget. You’ll be given a complete specification and guidelines on what you need to provide us so we can make sure the end result is just how you expected it to be.
  • We will arrange your balloons, print and install your banners, sort out your flags, organize your sound system (and tell you how it works!), assign your driver, book their accommodation, pay the congestion charge, provide all the health and safety documents, and about 100 more things that you probably haven’t even thought about!

AV Taken Care Of

  • For many clients, the technical element of the float is a step into the unknown and can me a cause of worry. Typical questions we receive include, what sound system do we need and is it going to be loud enough to drown out the floats around us (this is basically the #1 request we get every year!)? What is the right generator to power the sound system and other electric elements?

  • Our in-house technical department can take care of all of these things including the installation and deinstallation of the AV equipment at the end of the show. Because we work closely with the organisers of the event, we also make sure your equipment meets the parade guidelines and you have all the required safety certification for your application.

Environmentally Friendly

During our involvement with Pride and other parades across the country we have strived each year to make sure our floats are the most environmentally friendly possible.

Our balloon supplier is a member of NABAS (The National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers) and our balloon garlands are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable natural rubber (no plastic content).

We have floats that can be pulled by electric hybrid vehicles and all our vehicles are modern and meet all ULEZ regulations across the country.

Vehicle Wraps

No only do we take care of the float we can make sure to deliver an eye-catching towing vehicle or cab wrap to make sure the look is complete.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hi Jonathan and Caroline, 

. Hope you’ve both had a good week and surviving the fallout from Pride all ok?! Just wanted to pass on a big thanks to you and all the team for your work and support on the GLA’s float – it was very well received, and everyone (including myself!) had a blast on the day. a very happy client! So much appreciated for helping us make it a stress-free and seamless delivery. Nik, Identity Group (Mayor of London float)

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your involvement in the Microsoft Pride Float. The client was blown away, thankfully the balloons weren’t!  Jonathan your team were a huge support on site today, rectifying a couple of issues quickly and without complaint. Ewan was incredible, his patience and attention to detail were brilliant. Microsoft Float, Seen Presents, Marie-Clare

Hi Jonathan

It was amazing thank you, I did the artwork myself so was so glad to see how well it turned out (wasn’t worried at all! Lol). Drivers were absolutely brilliant too so please pass on our thanks. Laura, Amazon PLC.

We never imagined a truck would get us emotional, but it really did.  You have really done the GGs and Arsenal proud. Thank you to you and all your colleagues at The Clear Idea. It was great that Mikel Arteta and some players got to see the vehicle they will be using next year on a victory parade!! Arsenal Epic. Absolutely Epic. Arsenal are over the moon. Our members are still in awe of what you and all your team have done. Rob was totally brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Carl, Gay Gooners

Floats That Make As Much Noise Online As They Do In Real Life

Nobody likes a Big Head but if we don’t tell you every year our floats consistently win the award for ‘best float in parade’ then who will?!

We love to push the boundaries the result of which creates a huge bang online as well as on the street.

What We Take Care Of