Parade Floats

We build the coolest custom hi-tech floats for organisations who like to smash it during the pride parades and show their employees the best time of their lives.

Branded Floats

  • If Pride season means more to you than a token gesture then we want to work with you.

  • We love designing and building the coolest floats and that’s why our floats are the ones that people love and the ones that get the love on social media.

  • We’ve created a specific division just for floats and parade vehicles. We feel your float should reflect your brand values and really engage the people on board and the public lining the streets.

  • A well-designed float can do wonders for a company and really show that you care. With a little bit of imagination and a relatively small budget you can do something that will be loved by all. And we want to be part of that too.

An Unforgettable Parade

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. A common side-effect is having a hard time to get your employees and colleagues to shut up after. They are NEVER going to stop talking about your next parade experience.

Hi-tech Floats

Integrated LED walls for content, an onboard generator to power events, space for DJ decks and speakers… and a lot more.

What's included in our services?

Provide the float

Provide the driver

Hire the engine truck if needed

Plan the logistics

Install Electical Items

Apply branding (optional)

Install the concept (optional)

Create digital content (optional)


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Yours Will Be All Over Social Media

"They're Having a Lot More Fun" - Your Competitors