The Clear Idea Box

the clear idea box

The Clear Idea Box is an easy-to-set-up, clear display box that makes your products stand out. It’s quick to install and perfect for showing off your items in a unique way. With special features for flexibility, it makes your brand more visible and engaging to people. Ideal for any business looking to draw attention in a simple yet effective manner.


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Cybertruck pulling tesla y

Tesla wanted to show off their top-selling car, the Tesla Model Y, in a way that people would remember. That’s where the idea came in. We placed the Tesla Y inside our clear box, which was then pulled by the famous Cybertruck. To facilitate the idea we created an easy-to-operate transparent showroom mounted on a concealed chassis which could be easily towed by a 4×4.

It took us about seven weeks to get the showcase box from an idea to the finished setup. We built it with great care in the UK, then sent it over the ocean to New York. After that, we took it to Chicago to make sure everything was just right and up to the US standards.


adidas glitcH

Experiential agency Iris were briefed by global sports brand Adidas to deliver a roadshow that would showcase their new revolutionary football boot – Glitch. To facilitate the activation Iris needed a mobile retail showcase that could be adapted to create an easy-to-operate transparent boot fitting room mounted on a concealed chassis which could be easily towed by a 4×4.

The result was a transparent showcase with built-in lighting, temperature control, multi-boot display racks and a built-in fitting area. The display included a portable generator to power the customer experience.

Over the course of four months, we took the Glitch display and set it up at 5-a-side football pitches each evening at different locations in Greater London. In addition to the production of the unit we also handled the concept creation which included a FIFA Play Station console for those waiting for their boot fitting.

This award-winning campaign featured in Campaign Magazine and the article can be viewed here


"On-demand culture was one of the starting points when we started developing the Glitch concept."