“High Net Worth individuals expect special access to extraordinary experiences and services –- preferably, those that can’t be bought. Implementing a surprise and delight strategy, – also re-enforces the decision of existing customers and increases likelihood of repeat purchase.”

— The Economist


If you believe your customers really are Very Important, then offering a delivery service which saves them from having to collect their vehicle shows them how much their custom is appreciated.

Raise The Bar

In an age where brands like Amazon have raised the bar when it comes to customer delivery expectations we believe that the automotive industry needs to follow suit. New vehicles should be delivered whilst surrounded by a sense of occasion. The entire experience of buying your dream car, either for yourself or your nearest and dearest, should be filled with joy and making sure that the last mile to your door is as memorable as the first mile driven away from it.

We also offer VIP delivery to private individuals who may want to have their vehicle with them on their holidays abroad. For a private delivery in one of our spectacular transporters please contact us with delivery dates and destinations.

Corona Virus Effect

With Corona virus changing the way consumers buy cars this has also affected the delivery and test drive aspects of the industry.

Customers will be more cautious spending time on outside locations (especially those classed as ‘vulnerable’) so test drive and delivery to the door services will become standard. Our vehicles have been designed to ensure these services can be delivered with style and ease.

Bespoke Deliveries

Wage war with your competitors on the service you deliver around your products. We can help brands differentiate themselves from the competition by helping them in all aspects of the sale. Making it easier to test drive is one way but creating a memorable delivery is another. We help clients add value and be memorable. If your client is buying a $350,000 Ferrari then deliver the vehicle with a cherry on top with one of our VIP Delivery Vehicles.