“We want a gateway, an impression of the brand and an invitation to have a test drive at the convenience of their home. We want to create this environment where it’s not the old school: You come in the door and get attacked by five people.”

— John Desmond, Hendrick Automotive Group

Home Test Drives - The New Normal

A few year’s ago we worked with Porsche to deliver test drives for its VIP customers. What was then considered on the cutting edge of automotive retail will soon be the normal. With customers more resistant to going to unknown environments being able to deliver a fantastic test drive from home experience is a must. Our products can ensure this service is delivered with ease and bucketloads of style.

How It Works

We work with our clients to help create a mobile test drive experience centre. There is no need to turn up with a car in a transporter when there is an elegant experience centre alternative. Our Test Drive From Home vehicles are available for purchase or long-term lease.