Safe Spaces

Introducing SAFE SPACES

It has been a crushing few months for the events industry across the world. Covid19 brought the whole industry to a stand-still overnight.

If we are going to get the event industry back on its feet, we need to help clients offer the safest possible event environment for their customers.

Over the last few months, we have been working on putting together the most robust measures to protect from the dangers of Covid19 transmission. The result is SAFE SPACES.

Covid Event Safety Measures

Until now the tools and workflows to screen people are manual, time consuming, standalone and expensive.

The alternative to this manual process is the Safe Spaces SAAS platform that automates, integrates and enables a suite of critical “safe space” screening solutions to help events get back to business simply, and at scale. 

The Safe Spaces method is a three step process;

  1. Check    2. Scan    3. Clear


The first step of the Safe Spaces model is to ask attendees to fill in some background questions to get an understanding of their recent interactions and possible exposure to Covid19. These questions are similar to the ones you answer when you check-in at the airport. For example, to your knowledge have you been in contact with anybody that has tested positive for Covid19 in the last 14 days? Have you visited any of these countries in the last 30 days? These questions are answered via the Safe Spaces app. Assuming the attendee passes these pre-qualifying questions they move to step 2.

Covid Event Scanners
Covid Event Scanners


Using thermal imaging technology, the attendee is then scanned, and their temperature is recorded. The system also incorporates facial recognition technology to identify regular visitors at the event (eg brand ambassadors, event crew). Assuming the participant is not showing a temperature, they are free to move to the final step of the process – clear.


Having a negative test at the thermal imaging stage the participant is then issued with a digital pass that records they have been tested and provided an ‘all clear’ result. 

Covid Event Scanners