Roadshow Logistics


At The Clear Idea we have a dedicated project management and logistics team covering all our requirements. Our projects range from national activations to European roadshows to international shipping. Our team has extensive experience in managing all 3.

Mobile Exhibition Trailers


Core in-house experience

  • Route planning
  • Permits
  • ULEZ and Congestion
  • Location management/interfacing
  • Risk assessments
  • Client health and safety


Core in-house experience

  • Location management/interfacing
  • Route planning
  • Driver subsistence and accommodation
  • International travel restrictions
  • Local festivals
  • International carnets
  • Booking ferries
  • Risk assessments
  • Client health and safety

International Shipping

Core in-house experience

  • Door to door delivery management
  • Product handover procedure
  • Customs clearance
  • Taxes
  • Homologation
  • Product registration

Roadshow logistics are the ugly posterior of successful roadshows and experiential marketing events. You can have the most beautiful marketing concept in the world but if the event logistics fail then it is all for nothing. At The Clear Idea we make sure that the pitfalls are avoided to ensure your campaign is a success wherever it takes place.

To the untrained eye the logistics is just a matter of getting something from A to B. To the expert logistician it is an in-depth analysis of rules, regulations, by-laws and a lot more. Countless scenarios are played out to create a logistics schedule that mitigates as many risks as possible.  When operating internationally the variables and pitfalls are even greater. We work with our clients to ensure an itinerary is well thought out and includes plenty of contingency planning.


Our essential pieces of advice for clients looking to hit the road are;

  • Start your planning as early as possible
  • Allow plenty of time in the itinerary – drivers need mandatory breaks, days off and travelling between venues in an HGV takes a lot more time than in a car
  • Don’t be penny rich and pound poor – trying to cut corners to save on budget generally is false economy and ends up causing unnecessary stress and ends up costing more in the long run.

Working with our logistics team we will ensure you are aware of as many risks as we can identify. We will keep your campaign legal in the eyes of the law and we will do everything we can to make sure you have an itinerary that meets your campaign objectives without relying on luck and prayers.