The Showcase is a high tech mobile showroom that engages audiences in their own playgrounds. The Showcase not only wows audiences, it also captures customer data, books test drives and analyses event engagement.

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The Showcase is designed for clients that proactively want to communicate with their customers away from the dealership. Offering a highly engaging experience, The Showcase has been designed to be both a theatre and a practical sales-generating tool. It comprises the following features:

  • Pilarless security glass display
  • Interactive display
  • Built-in projection
  • Xenia lighting
  • Test drive registration capture
  • Ability to purchase
  • Audience/data analytics
  • Customisable facade


Why wait for your customers to come to the dealership? We predict the automotive landscape will undergo a full-scale revolution over the next 10 years. By 2027 we believe we will look back at the way we buy cars today and feel we were living in a by-gone era. Our mobile Showcase will effectively allow companies to sell their cars, engage interest, track potential customers and register test drives, all without the overhead of running a network of dealerships. Strategically positioned in areas of high footfall, The Showcase maximises the the opportunity for brand engagement. The Showcase:

  • Makes it easy for your potential clients to engage with you as the product comes to them. This will appeal to those consumer that maybe wealthy but are time-poor
  • Creates a huge impact live and on social channels helping to spread the word
  • Has been designed for to operate independently 24/7 without the need for constant human monitoring. The security systems will ensure the contents and the unit are safe even when unsupervised.
  • The unit can be adapted to reflect any company’s brand
  • Can be relocated in different places with the minimum of fuss
  • Can be attached to a client’s CRM system so that all customer data is captured
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