The Clear Idea transporter benefits from being a practical solution for moving vehicles whilst simultaneously being designed to wow audiences with its minimalist design and full-length transparent side walls.

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  • Hydraulic ‘Tilt & Slide’ body for easy loading and unloading
  • On-board winch
  • On board generator with showroom lighting
  • Optional LED screens
  • Optional attachable viewing platform
  • Optional gull-wings
  • Air Conditioning unit
  • Various flooring options


A simple yet beautiful delivery vehicle that has the versatility of acting as a high tech event platform.

Vehicles can be securely placed inside the transporter and once at their final destination they can be quickly off-loaded or the vehicle can remain on-board and the additional features such as the viewing platform can be quickly attached, the LED walls can be activated and the vehicle has quickly become an interactive showcase.

The Clear Idea Gull-Wing side walls also invite the public to engage with the vehicle on display.

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