The Clear Idea Boxes are perfect for those clients looking to have a very attractive display whilst also offering the client a lot of flexibility. As the boxes are transported by 4×4 clients can provide their own logistics solution without requiring a driver to hold a professional HGV licence.

The wrap-around skirts conceal the chassis of the wheels to create an impression of a high quality stand-alone display structure.

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  • 4 transparent sides
  • Gull wing option
  • Transported by 4×4
  • Low level step access
  • Air conditioning
  • Optional internal rear door for temperature control
  • Demountable body which allows exhibition space to be dropped on to the floor
  • Lighting
  • Built-in ramps & rachet straps for loading / securing cars
  • Skirts to conceal chassis and wheels


  • Great looking display that can be easily transported by 4×4 without the need for HVG operator
  • Gull wings invite people to interact with structure whilst providing weather shelter
  • Quick to set up. The unit can be operational within 15 minutes whilst retaining the look and feel of a stand-alone structure
  • Any concept can be created inside and can be delivered pre-set up
  • Temperature can be controlled for all weathers
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