Beacon is a new design from The Clear Idea that is perfect for events where brands want to stand out in a crowd. The 5m tower raises in a few seconds with the push of a button. This stature helps brands signal their location even in a large crowd. Beacon is a high tech mobile showroom that engages audiences in their own playgrounds. Beacon is a hand-crafted structure that features a hydraulic raising tower and the design can be adapted for every client’s requirement both internally and externally.

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Beacon is designed for brands than understand the importance not only of standing out in crowd but also of theater. With the push of a button the audience is captivated by the show that is the tower raising as if by magic. Not only is Beacon a show-stopper, it is also very practical. It sets up in just a few moment by one person. It can also be easily relocated with a 4×4 to facilitate brand conversations in the playgrounds of customers. Beacon comprises the following features:

  • 5 metre raising tower
  • Deployment in a few minutes with the push of a button
  • Pilarless security glass display
  • Changeable interior lighting
  • Customisable facade
  • Bespoke interior fit-out
  • Interactive displays
  • Xenia lighting
  • Customer data capture
  • Ability to purchase
  • Audience/data analytics


If you are going to bother speaking to your customers in their native environments then we believe you should do it in style. With impact. And that is exactly what Beacon is all about. Big, bold and beautiful. But Beacon isn’t just pretty, it is also practical.

Beacon drives event costs down as it deploys in just a few minutes by one person. It is towed with a regular 4×4 or SUV so brands can keep logistics costs low by moving it around themselves.

Beacon also offers companies their own controlled space for customer interactions which ensures staff and customers alike are protected.


  • Makes it easy for your potential clients to engage with you as the product comes to them. This will appeal to those consumer that maybe wealthy but are time-poor
  • Helps brands easily reach locations of high footfall (shows, events etc)
  • The sleek finish coupled with the huge tower creates a huge impact live and on social channels helping to spread the word
  • The unit can be adapted to reflect any company’s brand
  • Can be relocated in different places with the minimum of fuss using a 4×4 which offers a more eco friend event solution than diesel transportation
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