Tesla leads the way in clean energy and electric cars around the world. Known for their smart designs and powerful technology.

We are honored to partner with Tesla, integrating our products across multiple countries. This collaboration highlights our shared dedication to excellence and a sustainable future.

Here are some highlights of our successful collaborations with Tesla

Tesla Pop-Up showroom in Memmingen, Germany


Tesla established this mobile showroom in Memmingen, Germany, is because they were in the process of building a new showroom. While construction was underway, they used the pop-up as a temporary showroom space and a place for customer engagement

tesla pulse expandable mobile exhibition trailer in Switzerland


Tesla set up a pop-up at a retail park in Switzerland, specifically targeting shoppers at the shopping center in Landquart. This strategic placement allows customers to explore Tesla’s offerings without the need to travel to a traditional showroom

the interior of Tesla exhibition trailers in Switzerland


Our 13.6m trailer is designed for convenience and efficiency, featuring push-button expanding sides that extend from 2.5m to 4.65m with just a simple push. This flexibility allows for rapid and effortless setup.

The trailer is also equipped with integrated LED lighting and AC that can be powered through either a shore power mains connection or a generator, ensuring that electrical needs are met regardless of location


In the southwest of England, where there were few Tesla stores or charging points, Tesla strategically placed a 7.65m container at Darts Farm.

This serves as a Tesla brand touchpoint within a charging station, enhancing accessibility for local Tesla owners and potential customers.

Tesla Y towed by a Cybertruck


Tesla America has been utilizing a transparent display box to showcase Model Y, the best-selling car in the world, towed by a Cybertruck.

This innovative marketing strategy is designed to generate buzz online, create engaging social media content, and draw attention at various events. By taking this mobile showcase to different locations across America, Tesla effectively showcases their best-selling model Y.

Tesla in New York inside transparent box


We've had the privilege of assisting Tesla with a wide array of projects across different countries including Europe, the UK, and America. From clear display boxes and expandable containers to trailers, showrooms, pop-up stores, and charging stations.

Our collaboration has spanned a variety of projects, each tailored to meet Tesla’s diverse requirements and contribute to their innovative ventures.