Paddy Power, the Irish gambling company, approached us because they wanted to create a bold new public service initiative called 'The Drunk Tank' to address the issue of alcohol-fueled brawls at horse racing events.

Paddy Power wants to provide temporary accommodation for up to 50 racing enthusiasts to sleep off the effects of alcohol.

This public service initiative is in response to research by the Irish bookmaker which revealed that 85% of British racegoers agree more needs to be done to curb drunken misconduct at horse racing events.


For this campaign, Paddy Power used our transparent truck, which features:

  • A 6m long x 2.5m wide structure with three transparent sides and a gull-wing option.

  • Integrated steps and handrails, along with a hydraulic tail-lift for easy loading of goods and wheelchair access.

  • Operating on solar power and an onboard generator

  • Equipped with LED lighting, and air conditioning.

  • Complete with connectivity through a high-speed wireless router and backup.

  • Click here to watch Paddy Power's Campaign


    The transparent truck is a mobile display unit designed for exhibitions, roadshows, and promotional events, offering clear visibility from three sides.

    Absolutely, the truck’s LED lighting system makes it perfectly suitable for nighttime events and displays.

    Yes, the truck features a gull-wing option that allows the sides to be opened, creating an inviting and open display.

    Yes, the truck is customizable to meet specific event needs and branding requirements.

    Yes, the truck is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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