Latest Update: We are now accepting orders for 2019.
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We are really proud (excuse the pun) to have made several floats for Pride season across the UK in 2018. Our floats this year will be appearing in London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow. There will be a wide variety of different executions like the purpose-built, high tech LED floats for Tesco.


Our skilled team can take any design brief and create a solution which not only looks stunning and reflects the client’s theme but also works on a practical level. Whether that is a high-tech solution or something less costly which is wacky and fun. As you can see from the images below, we can turn our hands to anything.


We can also integrate a full power supply on to the float which will run speakers, DJ booth, electric streamers, LED screens – whatever you need.


Over the last few years we’ve made it our mission to improve the appearance of the floats that can be seen on the Pride routes across the country and we’re pleased to say the floats in 2018 have never looked so polished. It’s time to banish the Route Masters to history and create fun, engaging modern floats that represent the brand values of our clients.


So, if you are looking to plan your Pride Float, please contact:

Tesco at Pride London 2018

Tesco luxury carnival Pride float

Our campaign with Tesco in 2018 features LED screens, DJ decks & speakers, decibel-o-meter, crowd kisscam, LED screens, multi-coloured airjet streamers – a totally unique Pride float never seen before on the streets of the United Kingdom.

The combination of our outdoor LED screens which interacted with the crowd in response to cries of Cheer Louder! was a real crowd pleaser. The coloured smoke also provided extra theatre and made for a truly memorable day.