The impact of the fast paced digital (r)evolution is bringing new challenges to the automotive industry and leaving some of the market unsure of their next move in order to keep pace and stay competitive.

One strategy being employed to keep ahead of the game is to invest in new and existing buildings. Online platforms offering new & used cars, dealers as well as OEM-funded high-tech shopping centre Experience Centres are often required to strongly consider a make-over of their current facilities or a complete new build.

The continuous strive for a seamless and attractive customer journey is at risk when facility face-lifts or lengthy construction periods pose a significant setback to the operations and its customers. The sales and service must go on with as little compromise to the customers expected experience.

This is point when mobile and/or temporary solutions come to the rescue. But there is a problem.

Formerly, such structures merely resembled a stock yard of sea freight containers boxed together with some windows, the appeal and charm of a wet weekend in Wrexham with little or no flexibility to adjust to the requirements of a franchise operation – not to mention the display of a vehicle larger than a Fiat500. The designs were an embodiment of a brand on the decline not a statement of brave new things to come.

Small Modular Car Showroom A Small Temporary Car Showroom


Today’s design and manufacturing capabilities coupled with new materials gives companies a lot more options than before. There’s no need to accept small and pokey shipping containers when there’s an option to have large open-plan modular designs which are created to a strict CI off-site and quickly linked together on-site to create an open-plan dealership which can showcase a whole range of a company’s vehicles not to mention the ability to offer service at the rear of the building to existing customers.

With a short order-to-delivery time they are a nimble solution which can also be equipped with technology found in their permanent counterparts. This is to ensure a consistent and smooth customer journey while enabling continuous operations and revenue generation. Not only do they assemble quickly they also de-assemble quickly and can be moved on to another location in need of a temporary solution – all at a low cost.

Here’s a reminder of the 6 key benefits of modern modular construction;

  • Minimal compromise on service offering due to flexible footprints & modular build process
  • Customisable to meet brand requirements
  • Short lead-time
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move
Modular Retail Environment
A High Quality Modular Retail Village With Warehousing Space To The Rear
Back of House Modular Service Centre Modular Structures Can Also Be Designed With Full Servicing Facilities At The Rear


Jonathan Bramley is the Managing Director of The Clear Idea, a company that specialises in helping automotive brands with the provision of mobile and temporary real estate solutions. Their services include structure design, manufacture, installation and roadshow execution.

The Clear Idea’s clients include Amazon, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini, Pininfarina, Porsche.

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