Retail is no longer being compared against the rise of e-commerce – they are now both part of the same selling strategy. Increasingly, brands are now attempting to create their online experience offline – the exact reverse of what was happening a decade ago when e-commerce was in its infancy. Offline is not dead – it is cool again. Brands no longer need to make a compromise between online and offline – they need to do both. Mobile pop-up retail can offer the solution for many brands.


Mobile pop-up Samsung city centre pop-up

At The Clear Idea we are constantly seeking to innovate and we are very excited to be riding the crest of this new trend in consumer retail. For a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks and mortar we can create a pop-up mobile retail solution for any brand or concept. Our pop up containers can be located anywhere you want and moved as often as you want. We can even handle all the roadshow logistics. The mobility of our structures is the real bonus for the brand owner. Brands can plan nationwide or international roadshows to gain maximum exposure for their latest products with no compromise on quality. This is particularly relevant as we approach the festive season and brands are seeking to engage their audiences in a limited time frame.

Asus Mobile Technology Showcase Asus Roadshow

We are also very excited about the fast paced changes in technology. Our containers can be fitted with LED walls, touch screen glass and projection screens to create an all-encompassing audio-visual experience for our clients. These interactive technologies truly engage your customers and create memorable experiences. Tablets can also act as cash registers and the interactive touchscreens are browsable stores inside stores.

The modern store is being run more like a website: on-line traffic is foot traffic, unique visitors are individual shoppers, conversions are point-of-sale systems and this information is captured via devices placed in stores that monitor shoppers’ behaviour. These devices can anonymously track shoppers’ mobile phones, and, if they pass in front of the store, relay the time they enter the store, their path through it and how they spent at certain displays. Some of these devices are small cameras, wi-fi trackers or smartphones and some may not even need hardware at all.

Euclid Analytics has even made its retail tracking technology available for free – aiming to make customer monitoring mainstream. This means that any retailer will be able to implement an analytics package to receive information such as footfall outside the store, engagement (how long customers spend inside stores) and whether customers are repeat shoppers, at no cost. The end result is that businesses are becoming just as data driven offline as they are online although there is a lot of catching up to be done.

Check out this video to learn more about Euclid:

If you are looking for pop ups structures with an emphasis on a luxury look and feel, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss the options available.