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YouTube took to the streets of with Pride London in style in July 2017. Unlike most floats that thinly veiled the fact they were 50 year old open top London buses, the YouTube float looked like a vehicle from the next century.


The purpose-built float featured built-in high definition LED screens displaying video content whilst the rest of the vehicle’s contoured fibreglass shell was wrapped in the familiar rainbow swirls. The float featured an open-top viewing platform which transported the party people throughout the parade and the DJ booth on the top deck entertained the crowds below.


The Clear Idea specialise in high-tech parade vehicles.
The team at The Clear Idea noticed that most parade floats looked old and inconsistent with the brands that were hiring them so we set about designing something totally different. Jonathan Bramley, our Managing Director commented:  “Most floats look awful. They are either ancient, dirty Route Masters or flatbed trucks that look like they have been designed by primary school children. They simply haven’t kept up with the times so I saw this as an opportunity to create modern multi-media floats that brands would be desperate to hire.”

So, if you are looking to plan your Festival Float for 2018, please contact: enquiries@theclearidea.com

You Tube at Pride London 2017

You tube double decker pride float YouTube’s float was a real crowd pleaser for Pride London featuring LED screens and a DJ on the Upper Deck.

Tesco at Pride London 2017

Tesco pride float with LED screens

Our campaign with Tesco last summer was activated across all the Pride Festival dates. The LED screens and the coloured smoke were instant hits with the festival goers!

The combination of our outdoor LED screens which interacted with the crowd in response to cries of Cheer Louder! was a real crowd pleaser. The coloured smoke also provided extra theatre and made for a truly memorable day.