Engaging audiences beyond the traditional retail environments is becoming more important that every before. There are various possible executions. Audi’s structure, known as the “Audi Brand Terminal” is designed to be a sleek “glass box” which exhibits an Audi car similarly to a showroom.


The structure was a challenge to develop, as it needed to be fully portable, easily transported on the back of a truck, and then easily unloaded using a crane. The structure also had to safely house an expensive new Audi vehicle, striking a difficult balancing act between being robust and strong while simultaneously looking sleek and elegant in order to advertise the car inside.

However, the structure also needed to ensure it was not upstaging the car inside – it was designed to give the car an increased ambience and highlight its best features. For instance, LED lights with RGB colour sensors were installed to ensure that the car was flatteringly lit no matter the ambient light of its environment. The LED lighting inside the structure would adjust depending on the time of the day and the weather outside.

The Audi Brand Terminal structure also featured plasma TVs and digital sound systems, helping to create a so-called “brand theatre” where Audi could bring its showroom to whatever street, square, or plaza the terminal was sitting upon. As a company which prides itself on showcasing vehicles, we know how essential it is to communicate with customers in this manner.


You see, it is more important than ever for vehicle brands to communicate with their customers in their own playgrounds and at their own convenience. Many of the businesspeople who these cars are marketed to are time-poor. In other words, they don’t have time to be perusing different showrooms and seeing which cars take their fancy.

No, you need to bring the showroom to them – more specifically, to their own personal playgrounds. This could mean an upmarket shopping centre, an entertainment complex, or a thriving business district. Wherever your customers are spending their time, you need a theatrical means of promotion in this very location.

In addition to the aforementioned points, these structures are like well-oiled PR machines. Their novelty inevitably attracts attention from the press and passers-by, acting as both sleek theatrical advertisements and effective brand marketing. If you’re trying to capture the attention of your core customers, a mobile brand execution is a great way of doing it.

Audi's pop up dealership reflects traditional retail space
Audi's pop up dealership reflects traditional retail space


Jonathan Bramley is the Managing Director of The Clear Idea, a company that specialises in helping automotive brands engage with customers in non-traditional environments. Their services include structure design, manufacture and roadshow execution.

The Clear Idea’s clients include Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ford, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche.

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