Pride Floats – Is Your Brand Getting Involved?


The London Pride parade is reportedly watched by up to 1 million spectators, while other pride events around the UK’s top cities similarly fetch thousands and thousands of people’s attention. Of course, Pride events are primarily designed to celebrate the pride and liberation of the LGBTQ community, but they’re also a great way to advertise your company’s brand values and get your brand in front of millions of people.


We’ve come a long way since the “hush hush” days of the 1950s, when homosexuals and transgender people would be forced to live in secrecy and shame. After the Stonewall Riots in New York in 1969, pride events have slowly become a major annual event at major cities all over the world. Although they were initially met by opposition and violence, modern Pride events experience little backlash, especially here in the UK. The most you usually get is a small group of preachers reminding the parade participants that they’re all supposedly doomed to eternal damnation. How rude!


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You Tube at Pride London

Getting your brand involved

As Pride events have grown more and more, you may have started to notice companies getting in on the Prideaction. Whether it’s rainbow flag coffee cups or Pride-themed window displays, brands are keen to show their support and make their LGBTQ employees feel at home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a high-quality Pride parade float!

A high-quality Pride float is a great way to reflect your brand’s values in a fun and colourfulway! If you work with a Pride float manufacturer, they’ll be able to design a Pride float which captures the aesthetic spirit of Pride while simultaneously reflecting your brand’s style, values, and overall image. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lively pub or a dreary accountants– there’s a Pride float to suit every business!


Tesco at Pride London

Tesco pride float with rainbow smoke


You don’t necessarily need a cliché Pride float covered in sequins and glitter blasting out RuPaul songs on a shoddy PA. It’s easy to create a Pride float which represents your company’s support in a more corporate manner. Gone are the days of drab-looking buses and lorries covered in feather boas – it’s time to usher in newer, more opulent Pride floats which your company can be proud of!

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