Mobile Retail

What if ...?

  • You could target your customers wherever they are?
  • What if you had a mobile boutique that you could move to prestigious locations?
  • A boutique that was exclusive, staffed and managed by you
  • A boutique that can be re-used over and over
  • No expensive long term leases and overheads


The Clear Idea believe engaging customers in their own playgrounds can be a key strategic move to combat the issues currently facing brands across the globe. 

Our luxury mobile boutiques are easily transported nationally or internationally and can be customized to offer our clients a brand showcase offering an exclusive, safe VIP personal shopping experience wherever it’s needed.

Louis Vuitton

New luxury focuses on delivering what the consumer really wants. It’s intuitive, personalised and high tech.

The French luxury fashion brand has created three travelling boutiques to service their premier customers. With glass siding, quilted walls, creme carpeting, and a treasure trove of Louis Vuitton goodies inside, it brings the delight of shopping at a Louis Vuitton boutique to their customers’ driveways. The mobile boutique containers treasure trove of Louis Vuitton goodies inside. The roving store helps overcome some of the Covid19 challenges currently facing luxury retail brands with the creation of this new sales channel.


Luxury brands with purpose may be more resilient to unexpected situations and should find inspiration from innovating and embracing sustainability.


Clients can now create their own low-cost roadshows to easily engage with customers in their own native playgrounds. Our clients will have the opportunity to be present in locations where there is no existing retail and no competing messages providing customers a brand experience at their convenience.


Establishing and maintaining empathy will increase in importance. No amount of technology can replace the human element. Whilst consumers are purchasing more and more online, there is still a desire to touch, feel, smell, test and try merchandise before purchasing.

Brands still need to showcase and demonstrate latest product innovations, newest collections, collaborations, provide limited editions and offer bespoke products and interface with their most valued customers.

Dior Dehors

This summer Dior was one of the few luxury fashions brands to forge ahead with public engagement in the playgrounds of their customers. Their Riveriera tour, dubbed “Dioriviera”, took in locations across the Med. Holiday destinations were still busy despite the travel restrictions (fewer international travellers than usual but more domestic clients).

In their own words Dior described their mobile boutiques thus.

“Pop-ups complete our retail strategy. We aim to go where the client goes. It allows us to have a presence in the locations to which our clients travel and to be able to offer what they might need while on vacation.”