Whichever term you care to use, mobile retailing, pop-up shops, temporary retailing and festivals, they have all become big business over the last decade. The Clear Idea helps brands take advantage of the mobile environment with no compromise when it comes to enhancing your brand image. Although our structures are designed with portability and versatility as the primary consideration, ultimately they are an extension of a brand’s permanent retail environment.


With a range of structures in our armoury, we can create luxury pop-ups that offer amazing experiential experiences, build consumer relationships and, most importantly, drive sales using innovative design and the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Mobile bars have become big business with their ability to follow the crowds and keep them refreshed. If you are looking to ride this wave then we can help design and manufacture something that suits your needs and budget.

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If you’re looking for a flexible structure solution which can be rapidly changed to promote different brands, our modular LED displays are a great solution guaranteed to wow passersby.

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Whether you’re looking to sell icecreams from a van or falafel from an Airstream, we can help source and convert the perfect vehicle for the festival scene.

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At The Clear Idea we love to prove that even high end brands can take advantage of the pop-up revolution with nothing to worry about in terms of a look and feel that is consistent with the brand on display. With the use of sophisticated materials and finishes our pop-ups are an extension of the traditional retailing environment.

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The Clear Idea are the pioneers of the micro, mobile car dealership. We can perfectly recreate the look and feel of a brands traditional retail environments in a roadshow structure which is simple to deploy with the push of a button.

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Our showcases are perfect for displaying vehicles at automotive expos and shows. Our units are deployed with the push of a button and don’t require a large crew (generally just one person) to keep costs low.

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We believe that the automotive landscape is set to be revolutionised by companies rethinking the traditional business model. Test Drives From Home is just one such example of companies going the extra mile to delight their customers. We have vehicle designs that can help brands offer this service to their clients.

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Our products incorporate a wide range of cutting edge technology to engage your audience. We work with multiple Audio Visual platforms and our products feature built-in audience tracking and event analytics software to assist ROI analysis.


Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke structures for any occasion. Imagination is the beginning of creation.


We have worked on many international campaigns with a broad range of international clients. We can assist with as much or as little as you require from structure design to logistical planning and fulfilment.

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