Mobile Car Showrooms

Showrooms On The Move

In recent times there has been a big move towards car manufacturers taking the decision to showcase their latest vehicles beyond the traditional dealership environment. Taking vehicles to the public rather than waiting for them to proactively search out the cars online or at the dealership makes perfect sense. These mobile structures are a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks and mortar dealerships and have the added advantage of being able to be in areas which are most likely to contain the ideal customer demographic for the chosen brand. 

Porsche Mobile Showroom

We were delighted to work on the Porsche Mobile Dealership. The amazing event structure packs away into a truck and perfectly branded in line with the Porsche dealerships that are found throughout Europe.

The mobile dealerships allows Porsche to pop up in locations with only a short built time. Clients still receive the same brand experience as they would visiting a dealership.


  • Easily transported
  • Aesthetically pleasing reflecting the true brand image of the dealership
  • Quick to deploy
  • Temporary solution whilst showrooms are being built
  • Premium production
  • Targeting demographically correct locations which may have shortage of available space

Porsche Canada Mobile Experience Center

Our latest delivery to North America for Porsche has redefined the standard in mobile car showrooms. This luxury display is in keeping with the needs of a premium car manufacturer like Porsche. Not only does the unit demount to the floor for easy access it also expands to over 4.6m once demounted to create a footprint which provides a great customer experience.

We designed the expandable unit to function in all seasons. In the summer the unit can be deployed either as an open-plan showcase or with the unit sealed to take advantage of the three powerful air conditioning units which are integrated into the structure’s ceiling. In winter the entire customer experience can be taken inside. The car can be loaded through the end of the unit using integrated ramps and the space can be heated to maximise visitor comfort.

You can see the Porsche Mobile Experience Center case study by clicking the link below 


  • Push-button expanding sides (from 2.5m to 4.65m)
  • Integrated car loading ramps
  • 3 air conditioning units
  • 6 wall mounted LCD TVs
  • Integrated Bose speakers
  • Racing simulator
  • Accessibility ramp with illuminated handrail
  • DJ booth / coffee kiosk
  • Integrated leather seating and storage
  • Fridge, tables, stools and sofa

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