Luxury Showcase


We believe in showcasing your brands in the best way possible with our Premium Mobile Retail units.

Fully customisable and finished to a premium specification these units are a shop away from your shop

A container transported by truck to any destination
A showcase for your brand
A temporary VIP Shopping space


To compliment our luxury units, we also have a host of locations such as yachting harbors and ski slopes.

Our philosophy has always been that brands will thrive in the playground of their customers. 

“Luxury is the possibility to stay close to your customers and do the things that you know they will love.”

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brands have always invested in environments to allow their customers to feel the brand’s cachet – and build a strong emotional connection. However, luxury shopping behaviour, channel dynamics and travel plans are seeing inevitable shifts as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns, all contributing to the pandemic’s monumental economic and emotional impact on the luxury market.

Rather than acquiesce to the ‘new normal’ brands must innovate to continue to engage their customers in an engaging and authentic way. We believe the four following principles will guide future luxury brands in their quest to retain customer engagement beyond a purely online model;

Customer-Centric: New luxury focuses on delivering what the consumer really wants. Its intuitive, personalized, and high-tech.

Purpose-Driven: Luxury brands with purpose may be more resilient to unexpected situations and should find inspiration from innovating and embracing sustainability

Digital: Experience, wellness and their perception will become a critical part of the equation.

Empathy: Establishing and maintaining empathy will increase in importance. No amount of technology can replace the human element

What if;

  • You could target your customers wherever they are?
  • What if you had a mobile boutique that you could move easily and quickly to prestigious locations?
  • A boutique that was exclusive, staffed and managed by you
  • A boutique that can be re-used over and over with no expensive long-term leases and overheads
  • That was a perfect relocatable embodiment of your brand and existing retail channels

The Clear Idea’s Luxury Showcase is a safe, sanitized controlled environment providing a luxury shopping experience for your most valuable customers. Clients can offer a 1-to-1 private experience with a personal stylist to provide a truly premium customer experience.

The Luxury Showcase can be managed by minimal staff numbers and negates the need for expensive long-term property leases. Due to ease of transport, it is simple to relocate to the next venue anywhere in the world or put it into storage in preparation for the next campaign. Due to the flexible open-plan designs, concepts can be changed quickly in line with changing seasonal product ranges.

The Luxury Showcase can fulfill a range of different roles whilst also being a sustainable solution due to its totally flexible, reusable nature. Such uses include;

  • A luxury mobile store
  • As a customer brand experience
  • A showcase for new products and limited editions
  • A mobile personal shopping lounge
  • An experiential marketing space
  • A VIP hospitality structure