Expandable Marketing Trailer

Engage Customers In Their Own Playgrounds. Our World Class Expanding Mobile Structures can be customized to perfectly reflect your brand. Our Pulse units set up in a few minutes and can be easily deployed by one person to create a huge footprint. What’s more, they look FANTASTIC! We are delighted to introduce you the future of brand showcases – PULSE.

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Expandable Trailer for Sale


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There is no doubt the current economic situation is causing difficulties for our clients. We are redressing the balance using these historically low interest rates to make our world-leading products more accessible.

Our products are now available to purchase on a low-interest payment plans across 24, 36 or 48 months. You can learn more about our pricing options here by clicking product image.


Expandable marketing  trailers and containers have been an integral part of the event’s industry for many years. An expandable event structure provides a larger activation space for a more pleasant customer experience. The problem with most expandable event units are their design. In the USA expandable trailers are still using engineering designs from the 1980s. 

The world has moved on but for some reason the design of expandable trailers hasn’t. That’s until now. Our Pulse expandable trailers have raised the bar with a stylish design that has been adopted by image conscious brands across the globe.


Our expandable Pulse range some in a variety of lengths and all our units deploy easily and quickly with the push of a button. Customers can configure their units to suit their needs. There are various glazing configurations which include tri-folding doors to create an open plan environment, electric sliding doors for a premium hospitality experience for your VIP customers looking for a more private experience.

Pulse expanding trailers can also be fitted with integrated air conditioning units appropriate for their operating environment. Our Porsche trailer for Porsche Canada has been fitted with three discreet air conditioning units to cope with the country’s very hot summers and very cold winters.

For our automotive showcases we have designed a Pulse unit with an entry door to allow vehicles to be loaded through the narrow end of the event trailer. The expandable range also has integrated car loading ramps incorporated into the design of the unit.

Not only does the design set our expandable trailers and containers apart from other expandable structures, the operational simplicity allows for super-rapid deployment with a one or at most two person team. This simplicity reduces the operational costs and makes events more cost effective.

Not only is the design of the exterior a cut above the rest, our interior production rivals any boutique found on 5th Avenue or Regent’s Street. Our fit-outs can include premium lighting and flooring not to mention integrated sound systems, bespoke hand-crafted furniture, TV walls and branding to ensure the Pulse unit is an embodiment of our client’s brand and an extension of their traditional retail outlets.

When it comes to relocating our products the Pulse range can be moved with traditional logistics equipment easily found anywhere across the globe.