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Explore the possibilities of mobile marketing with our exhibition trailers, designed to adapt to different styles and meet your brand's need.

Dell Tech Rally roadshow truck


Our exhibition trailers are designed for versatility and impact, offering an ideal space for exhibitions, promotional tours, and interactive marketing campaigns. They ensure your message connects effectively with your audience, creating memorable experiences wherever you go.

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Exhibition trailers can be transported to various locations, allowing brands to reach a wider audience by bringing their brand directly to the public, regardless of locations

These trailers can be customized to meet every brand’s needs, from the interior layout to the exterior design. This customization ensures that the brand message is communicated effectively and uniquely.

With the ability to create engaging and hands-on environments, exhibition trailers provide an interactive experience that can connect with customers more effectively than traditional static advertisements.

Compared to permanent physical locations, exhibition trailers are a cost-effective solution for participating in multiple events like festivals, or roadshows without the need for extensive setups at each new location.

Expandable Marketing Trailer for Harley Davidson in USA


Harley Davidson reached out to us because they were looking for an interactive experience that would allow visitors to truly engage with their new electric bike range, Live Wire, which includes the impressive new Del Mar model.

This was all part of their 120th-anniversary celebration and their participation at the Sturgis bike rally.

the interior of pulse expandable trailer
harley davidson's exhibition trailer with the crowd

The expandable marketing trailer made its first appearance at Veterans’ Park in Milwaukee for the 120th-anniversary celebration.

The Live Wire exhibit was a tremendous success, drawing in over 7,000 visitors across the three-day event and sparking considerable excitement around these innovative products.

Compact yet flexible, our expandable marketing trailer was used for the Harley Davidson exhibition and it offers many benefits such as:

  • Quick installation time with a remote control
  • Integrated with AC, LED lighting and power outlets
  • Fully customizable

  • BMW X2

    BMW in Greece wanted to create a memorable launch experience for the brand-new BMW X2. They planned to take it on a tour around Greece to show off this impressive vehicle to potential customers and BMW car dealers.

    bmw x2 inside a transparent exhibition truck in Greece

    They were looking for an interactive platform that went beyond just visual appeal. They wanted visitors to step aboard, explore, and directly interact with the BMW X2, providing them with a deep understanding of the vehicle

    thw new BMW X2 inside a transparent exhibition truck in Greece

    BMW X2 in Greece used our Transparent Exhibition Truck to deliver an unforgettable experience. The truck is equipped with:

  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Fully transparent walls that offer 360° visibility
  • Gull-wing doors that can be opened to allow people to get up close and personal with the car.

  • thw new BMW X2 inside a transparent mobile exhibition unit truck in Greece
    thw new BMW X2 inside a transparent mobile exhibition unit truck in Greece

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