Elevate: Porsche


  • Elevate stands out in a crowd with a fully brandable exterior and also it always draws a lot of attention due to the impressive 4.7 meters of height gained with the raising roof
  • Fully deployed in under 20 minutes
  • 1 technician to operate keeping costs to a minimum
  • No HGV qualified driver needed
  • A full suite of technology and samples on board
  • Plenty of internal space
  • Temperature controlled environment for winter and summer
  • Integrated fridge and coffee machine for refreshments


“Wherever we’ve gone with the structure, the feedback from visitors has been really good. People say things like: ‘Amazing’, ‘Really cool’, ‘Love how it looks inside’ – people are a little amazed because they haven’t seen anything like it before.” “People ask did we get it from Porsche – we say no, we had to go to the UK to get it built. It was a great process from first sketch to having the structure delivered, and even the minor issues were handled really well.” “We’re so pleased with the total experience so far, and especially the quality of the trailer. The people who’ve seen it think it’s amazing.”