EV Roadshows


Honda came to us needing a way to display the Honda E – their flagship electric vehicle – at three different events across Germany. They wanted a roadshow structure that was not only transparent, customisable and stylish enough to show off the Honda E, but also sturdy and protective to ensure it didn’t get damaged.


Our transparent showcase (6m x 2.5m x 2.2m) is the largest display structure of its type: the only roadshow display vehicle of this size that offers a full, in-the-round viewing experience of the product inside, without interruptions or structural breaks on any of the four transparent walls.

And based on the response we received from the client, and the response Honda received from visitors at each site, it went down a storm.


The structure – made of 8mm reinforced polycarbonate sheets and fully transparent on all sides – is a trailer that attaches to a 4×4 that was easily driven to each location. To maintain the premium look and feel of the display, we attached Honda branded panels to the underside of the showcase, hiding the wheels. These metal skirts create the impression of a sleeker and more permanent free-standing display.


Before the car’s grand unveiling at the IAA in Frankfurt, the Honda E was taken on a whirlwind tour across Germany.

Cologne: In Cologne, the car was displayed at the Hyatt Regency, a luxury hotel by the River Rhine, where it attracted considerable interest from hotel guests and other intrigued passersby.

Berlin: In Berlin, the structure was displayed inside a shopping centre where it was seen by thousands of visitors and generated a lot of excitement.

Frankfurt: In its final stop just down the road from the IAA 20019, the Honda E was displayed outside the Frankfurter Kunstvereina nearly 200 year-old art gallery in the heart of the city, dedicated to contemporary and upcoming artists.

“Working with The Clear Idea was very easy from start to finish, they are a truly professional outfit. The display box absolutely caught the eye! The manoeuvrability of the box enabled us to easily position our prototype car in high footfall areas.” “The whole project was deemed a huge success and I look forward to working with The Clear Idea team again.”

We have been privileged to work with some of the biggest names in the electric car market (BWM, Formula E, Honda, Hyundai, Pininfarina, Porsche, Renault, Tesla).

As the Electric Vehicle market expands and with our new green roadshow credentials we look forward to continuing to pioneer in the EV roadshow field and expanding our environmentally friendly roadshow solutions.

Are you looking to conduct your own roadshow? We’ve put together everything you need to consider to determine whether a roadshow is the right solution for you. You can download our Roadshow eBook by filling in this form

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