Dell Tech Rally

Dell Tech Rally roadshow truck


Dell approached us because they wanted introduce its latest lineup of consumer products to the European market. However, they were aware that executing roadshows in Europe required a different approach compared to their experiences in the United States.

They wanted to bring the full range of new Dell products and accessories directly to their clients and distributors, no matter where they were in Europe. They wanted an experience that allowed visitors to engage with the brand in a way that differentiated them from competitors. And that’s exactly what Dell got. With just six weeks before the grand launch in Copenhagen, we designed, built and delivered the Dell Tech Rally Mobile.


Our roadshow truck is an 8.55m marvel, extending to 10m with steps. With a spacious 6.2m body length, it stands 3.5m tall and spans 2.46m in width, offering a standout presence. Accessibility is a priority, featuring a wheelchair-friendly lift.  Operating on solar power and an onboard generator, it's both eco-friendly and efficient. The truck also ensures seamless connectivity with a high-speed wireless router and backup.

map showing all the cities in europe where you dell tech rally mobile road show showcase travelled across 53000 kms


“The truck was well on time, ready before the beginning of the events. The team paid a lot of attention to us and our guests , as well as the setup of the truck. We want to give you a special thank you, about the incredible quality of the set-up, the perfect timing, and the overall service you provided.”

Caroline, at Dell France 


Our detailed case study delves into every aspect of this project, from concept to execution. It's a story of rapid innovation, strategic planning, an exceptional execution. Get exclusive insights into how we brought Dell's vision to life.

Download the DELL Tech Rally case study PDF