Automotive Network Development Trends To Watch In 2024

Facing changing consumer demands for convenience and personalized experiences, the automotive industry is pivoting from traditional showrooms to mobile, temporary, and pop-up retail formats. This transformation addresses the challenge of staying relevant and accessible, leveraging automotive mobile networks to engage customers more effectively and directly. How automobile brands are innovating their showrooms to adapt to […]

A Year of Remarkable Journey at The Clear Idea

As we reflect on the remarkable journey that has been 2023, with pride and excitement that we, The Clear Idea, invite you to join us in revisiting the highlights of this extraordinary year. With every passing day, we’ve witnessed new horizons, embraced exciting challenges, and crafted unforgettable experiences that have left an indelible mark on […]

Glamazon Make a Splash at London Pride with Stunning Floats

Amazon’s LGBT division, Glamazon, once again made a spectacular appearance at the London Pride Parade with their stunning 10-meter power float. We had the pleasure of building their float last year and were thrilled to do so again this year. It featured eye-catching perimeter branding that wrapped around the edge of the float, creating a […]

Get Ready for a Spectacular Celebration at London Pride Parade 2024

London Pride Parade 2024 Registrations Now Open Exciting news for all you parade enthusiasts and champions of diversity – We’re thrilled to announce that the London Pride Parade 2024 is set for 29th June, just 200 days away! And guess what? Registrations are now open! If you’ve been dreaming about being part of this vibrant […]

Crafting Carnival Magic for Popeyes’ Yorkshire Debut

On Friday, September 29, Yorkshire witnessed the grand opening of its second Popeyes UK drive-thru at The Peel Centre in Barnsley. The excitement reached a fever pitch as customers queued for over 10 hours, eager to sink their teeth into the famous Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches. The highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly the eye-catching orange […]

Harley Davidson’s 120th Anniversary Celebration with the Live Wire Showcase

2023 marked a significant milestone for Harley Davidson – 120 years of roaring engines and rebellious spirit. To commemorate this monumental birthday, the iconic motorbike manufacturer threw an epic celebration in their hometown. Veterans’ Park in Milwaukee underwent a remarkable transformation into a colossal festival site, with the main stage stealing the spotlight on Saturday […]

Coca-Cola Float Triumph, a Vibrant Journey Through Pride in London

Coca Cola London Pride Parade Bus

In collaboration with the agency N2O, our recent production featuring the Coca-Cola float was nothing short of brilliant (even if we do say so ourselves!). The intricate details and vibrant energy poured into this project showcased the true spirit of creativity and celebration Now, let’s dive into the vibrant details of this creation. In the […]

Arsenal Football Club’s Vibrant Float in London Pride

It was a day filled with anticipation and excitement. As we approached the colorful scene of Pride in London 2022, the Arsenal Football Club float stood ready, a symbol of love, diversity, and unity. Arsenal, a name well-known in football, was set to celebrate its LGBTQ+ fans and reinforce its commitment to inclusion. Last year, […]

Pride Parade Floats: Celebrating Diversity in 2023

Pride Season 2023 was the biggest in The Clear Idea’s history. We introduced several new float styles to our clients and our creative production department excelled themselves with unparalleled executions which you can see below.   Floats In Birmingham Pride  Pride season this year started with a bang in Birmingham. Local company Cadbury’s had produced their […]

MasterCard Eco Parade London Pride 2023 – Green Marvel & Celebrations

In a world increasingly defined by environmental consciousness, MasterCard decided to make a splash this year by unveiling a parade float that was as green as the hills it rolled on. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill float; it was an eco-champion on wheels, and we’re here to tell you all about it! Rivian: The Electric Marvel […]