Tesco’s agency N2O approached us as they wanted to update the Tesco parade vehicle for their 2017 Pride events.

Update: We are now accepting orders for 2019.
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The Brief

The brief was to digitise their float and make it more spectacular using LED screens and interactive technology to encourage crowd engagement with the parade vehicle.

Our Solution: The Hardware

Our first challenge was to equip the analogue float with a power source. We installed a 25 KVA generator and fitted the vehicle with electric cabling and plug points to power the electric components. We then manufactured an aluminium cupboard to house the generator and PCs to avoid any health and safety issues.

Once the generator was on board we then erected a scaffold on each side of the truck trailer which would then house the LED screens. Once the framework was in place we mounted our own 5.9 pixel LED screens. We also rigged a camera which displayed live footage on the rear LED screens mounted on the back of the truck.

N2O then installed smoke cannons on to the rear of the vehicle to great an absolutely stunning visual during the event itself.

Our Solution: The Software

The software we produced controlled the LED screens and included an app so that the decibel-o-meter could be controlled manually during the event. The LED screens encouraged the audience to ‘Cheer Louder’ and our microphone was rigged to the vehicle so the vertical LED screens could act as a decibel-o-meter to measure the crowd’s cheering.

The Results

The result was a high tech parade vehicle which took Pride events around the country by storm. On street feedback combined with the online commentary underlined the hard work of all parties involved was definitely worth it.


Everyone loved the effect created by the vehicle we created, and it wasn’t just those on the street singing its praises- The Clear Idea hit the Twittersphere after the event too!