Porsche came to us because they wanted a bespoke roadshow vehicle they could use for different events all over Norway. Something that allowed them to meet customers where they are and deliver a mind-blowing mobile experience.

They wanted an interactive experience that would allow visitors to engage with the brand in a way that differentiated them from other automotive companies. And that’s exactly what they got.

Less than six months on from our very first meeting with the Porsche team, we had discussed, drafted, designed and built Porsche In Motion: the exact vehicle they needed for their dream roadshow experience.

We could explain the complex, intricate building process that takes place in our workshop, but we think in this instance, seeing is believing.

The Structure

The structure packs up into a trailer for easy transportation between locations and is deployable in just 15 minutes upon arrival at the destination. It also has its own power sources, so can be placed anywhere – it isn’t reliant on the specific venue or location.

It is sleek, light, airy and reminiscent of a mini version of a Porsche showroom, with wall-mounted displays, a big TV, comfortable seating for visitors and hot/cold drinks on offer.

Since completion, It’s been in constant use both at Norway’s six Porsche dealerships and more significantly at a variety of events, allowing Porsche to meet customers in a different atmosphere and mindset to the showroom, engaging them earlier on in the buying process.

The Experience

The primary feature on the structure interior is a lively, colourful display of the bodywork and upholstery options for a new Porsche.

Inspired by these wall-mounted samples visitors could then design and customise their own Porsche on the iPads provided.

The TV plays content specifically tailored to Porsche’s Norwegian market: footage of Porsches driving around the country’s beautiful mountain scenery and offers promoting exclusive opportunities such as the Porsche Travel Experience.

Depending on the venue and event the structure may have also been the centrepiece of a bigger display, surrounded by one or several different Porsche models.

The Events

The structure is extremely versatile and has been used several times already across Norway for a variety of events.

These include:

  • Two new car launches
  • Three automotive shows
  • The Norwegian Senior Open golf tournament
  • The Tall Ships Races event in Bergen

It has been used both as a standalone structure, or as part of a larger Porsche exhibit, as was the case at the Porsche Festival held at Rudskogen Motorsenter – Norway’s oldest asphalt race track – where over 8,000 people attended.

It featured at the launch of the Porsche Taycan, Porsche’s first fully-electric sports car which has been more popular in Norway than anywhere else in the world, where it has already sold 3,000 – 10% of the global total.

At the Porsgrunn Car Show on the coast south of Oslo, Porsche was the only brand with a bespoke, luxury roadshow as part of its display. It stood out from the rest while competitor brands made do with a tent, a table and some chairs to complement the cars on display.

The structure has been a hit wherever it has been displayed, whether at a high-end invitation-only event such as the prestigious Senior Norwegian Open or public events such as the Tall Ships Races.

People have not only enjoyed engaging with the vehicle itself and the surrounding cars (when it was part of a larger display) but the iPads have also been busy with people seeing what different configurations they could design for a new Porsche.

Porsche Norway has six dealerships, and the structure has also been stationed at these places between events as an opportunity to engage with customers outside the showroom.

The Feedback

“Wherever we’ve gone with the structure, the feedback from visitors has been really good. People say things like: ‘Amazing’, ‘Really cool’, ‘Love how it looks inside’ – people are a little amazed because they haven’t seen anything like it before.”

“People ask did we get it from Porsche – we say no, we had to go to the UK to get it built. It was a great process from first sketch to having the structure delivered, and even the minor issues were handled really well.”

“We’re so pleased with the total experience so far, and especially the quality of the trailer. The people who’ve seen it think it’s amazing.”

Espen Johansen, Sales Director at Porsche Norway.

As well as designing and building bespoke roadshow structures, our luxury showcase vehicles are also available for hire.

These can be deployed for automotive roadshows and a wide variety of other mobile events, product launches and brand activations.

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