We were honoured when Harrods invited us to create their “73rd window” and be their partners for the launch of the Porsche Panamera.

Harrod's Launch 73rd Window

When Harrod’s approached The Clear Idea to create their first mobile shop window not only were we delighted to have been asked, we also knew the end product had to be up to the luxury retailer’s exacting standards.

The world-renowned department store have always prided themselves on their stunning shop window displays. The problem they have is that with so many luxury products and not enough windows it became impossible to showcase all their wares.

The solution is a mobile window that is free to roam. The vehicle can be treated like their static displays due to on-board power and lighting.

Harrod's launching the new Panamera

The vehicle, finished in the famous Harrod’s Green, had an equally prestigious first occupant. The new Panamera from Porsche.

Harrod's VIP Clients

Harrod’s decided to delight their customers that had pre-ordered the new Panamera by taking it to the homes of their customers to give them a sneak preview of what was heading their way.