As official Electric Vehicle sponsors of Formula E, Charge Automotive approached us to create two vehicles which could be used on the Grand Prix circuit. The result were two completely unique vehicles that perfectly showcased Charge’s Electric Vehicle capabilities.

Formula E Transporter

We received an enquiry from Formula E’s electric vehicle sponsor Charge. We were asked to develop a concept which showcased Charge’s electric engine capabilities whilst also being able to display one of the Formula E race vehicles.

The design had to sophisticated yet futuristic and easy to operate.

Technical Team Take Charge

Our designers took the brief and developed a transparent body which could be removed from the chassis of the electric vehicle to enable the race car to be easily loaded. The hydraulic rams automatically supported the weight of the body whilst it was being delivered to the floor.

Building The Future

Once designers were agreed and materials were ordered our team of experts set about creating the transparent body which featured hydraulic rams to lift the body on and off the chassis.


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