Car Transporter & Hospitality

Car Transporter

Our purpose-built luxury car transporter can not only carry two cars but can also accommodate up to 60 passengers on the top deck as part of a hospitality / guest experience.

The vehicle is fitted with a high powered on-board generator to power the entire event.


  • Accommodate two cars
  • On board generator
  • Entertainment area for DJs etc.
  • Safety tested
  • Audience engagement
  • Safety hand-rails
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Licensed to carry up to 60 people


  • The car transporter and hospitality vehicle stands out in a crowd with a fully brandable exterior
  • Fully deployed in under 20 minutes
  • Transporter can carry two cars allowing the event showpiece to double as the logistics vehicle
  • Plug & play event solution with on-board power source to facilitate operation anywhere
  • Optional LED screens
  • Attachable viewing platforms for an up-close experience

Available for hire

  • Available for Hire
  • Short or long term hiring options
  • Customisable branding
  • Logistical Support
  • Location research

“The art of hospitality is key to crafting an all-around rewarding and enriching experience for guests.”

Hospitality trailers are a perfect tool to engage with guests, sponsors and brand aficionados in the field. We believe that all hospitality trailers should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a company’s other brand touchpoints.

The problem with most hospitality trailers we see, with the exception of F1 and other prestigious motor racing series, is that the trailers are really average. They do nothing to set the pulse racing.