Beacon: Carvana

At The Clear Idea we thrive on pushing ourselves to create units that really stand and with Beacon we achieved just that.

With a 7m footprint and a tower which extends to whopping 5.5m tall the Beacon is an event beacon of light.


  • The unit stands out in a crowd with a fully brandable exterior and 5.5m tower
  • Fully deployed in under 20 minutes
  • With 1 technician the operating costs are kept to a minimum
  • Driven to site but a standard 4 x 4
  • A full suite of technology and samples on board
  • Plenty of internal space
  • Temperature controlled environment for winter and summer
Carvana Mini Mobile For Hire


Carvana contacted us because they were looking to attend events with a mobile roadshow vehicle whilst wanting to stand out in the crowd and keep in line with their corporate identity.

They were also looking for a full interactive experience which would allow the visitors to completely engage with the brand.

We put on our thinking caps and got to work!

Our engineers really excelled themselves and devised a fantastic structure which incorporated a giant tower resembling the Carvana ‘vending machine’ which raised with the push of a single button.


Like all of our products one of the first points on the brief is that the unit needs to be user friendly and has the ability to be deployed in a very short amount of time. In the case of the Beacon the tower is erected in just over 1 minute and the overall set up time when arriving at location is under 15 minutes!

There’s a hydraulic system that lifts and lowers the tower which is controlled with a push button controller. The front section of the tower operates through a catch and slide system. The result of this design is an incredibly robust and dependable system which is also very straight forward to operate.


The Beacon stands out in a crowd, it absolutely turns heads exactly in keeping with the impact of a Carvana vending machine.

Once erected the tower stands at an impressive 5.5 meters.

At The Clear Idea we really like the Carvana quote “We like to say we’re making car buying fun again”. We feel the Beacon will play a large part in fulfilling Carvana’s vision.

Carvana’s mission is to change the way people buy cars by providing our customers a car-buying solution that is fun, fast, fair and powered by technology.


Visitors to the Beacon will be intrigued and drawn in by the external look and feel of the roadshow vehicle. Once they enter they’ll find a light and airy space. There are 3 x ‘all-in-one’ touch screen PC’s, a large HD monitor and a 360 degrees selfie booth fitted in the back room.

The whole experience will leave the visitors with a large smile on their face. You can see a video of the structure’s first outing. 


“You guys were FANTASTIC to work with! Helping us feel confident and in the loop every step of the way.”

“Everything has exceeded our expectations.”

Kelsey Herrett, Manager Brand Activation, Carvana

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