With people researching car purchases away from dealerships we help automotive brands engage with consumers in different environments. We provide roadshow structures, deliver logistical support and provide invaluable local knowledge for roadshow execution.

We pride ourselves on creating immersive and highly-interactive brand experiences for our clients. Our state-of-the-art technology coupled with intelligently engineered products help brands impress potential customers whilst building stronger relationships with existing clients.

In a world where customers are more time-poor than ever before, taking your vehicle to their playground has never been more rewarding. We specialise in planning and executing luxury roadshows for some of the world’s most prestiguous automotive brands.

From obtaining permissions from exclusive marinas, providing event staff, and booking flights and accommodation for the entire event crew, our team of experts take the stress of planning and executing roadshows in exclusive destinations across Europe.

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Dealership roadshows are a fantastic way of educating and informing the sales team on the ground and their potential customers. Whether it’s highlighting the benefits of the vehicle about to be test-driven or educating the sales force on the latest electric technology we can transport this educational environment to the dealerships.

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Our showcases are perfect for displaying vehicles at automotive expos and shows. The vehicles can be equipped with additional audio-visual displays.

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It always pays to arrive in style! Whether it’s a VIP delivery to a new customer or a delivery to the owner’s yacht in Mallorca, we can provide the vehicle and the driver to make sure the last mile is perfect!

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We believe that the automotive landscape is set to be revolutionised by companies rethinking the traditional business model. Test Drives From Home is just one such example of companies going the extra mile to delight their customers. We have vehicle designs that can help brands offer this service to their clients.

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The Clear Idea showcases combine the best digital and real world interactions to create extraordinary multi-sensory interactive experiences. Our AR / VR roadshow vehicles are designed to ensure our clients benefit from the changing trends in this dynamic marketplace.

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With brands deciding to take their cars out of the showroom we believe it’s more important than ever to try and help determine a ROI around these non-showroom based activities. Using two-way technology that measures dwell time and event engagement whilst also offering information downloads to consumers helps measure the result events.

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For clients that already have their ideal showcase design in mind, we can help make it a reality.

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Our products incorporate a wide range of cutting edge technology to engage your audience. We work with multiple Audio Visual platforms and our products feature built-in audience tracking and event analytics software to assist ROI analysis.


Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke structures for any occasion. Imagination is the beginning of creation.


We have worked on many international campaigns with a broad range of international clients. We can assist with as much or as little as you require from structure design to logistical planning and fulfilment.

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