Voltarol bus at the london marathon 2024

Voltarol’s LED Bus at The London Marathon

This year, the London Marathon got a splash of color thanks to Voltarol’s awesome LED Bus, which everyone’s calling the “Rainbow Row.” Voltarol, the official pain relief partner of the marathon, isn’t just there to help with sore muscles; they’ve brought a whole vibe to the streets!

Meet the “Rainbow Row” Bus

Decked out in vibrant swirls of color, the “Rainbow Row” bus isn’t hard to spot. This double-decker marvel serves dual purposes: it can transport up to 60 spectators or participants on the top deck while captivating onlookers at street level with its dynamic LED screens. These screens play an integral role in engaging the audience, featuring motivational messages and live marathon footage.

Voltarol at the London Marathon

Powering such a spectacle is no small feat. The bus is equipped with a high-powered onboard generator, robust enough to power the entire event setup, including the two large LED walls. These walls are specially designed to be removable, allowing the lower deck to transform into a mobile showcase for physical products or interactive activities.

Party on the Bus!

Voltarol’s “Rainbow Row” is a hub of entertainment and inclusivity. The atmosphere on the bus is electrifying, with DJs spinning upbeat tracks and performances by Drag Queens and Kings, adding a festive layer to the marathon environment. This setup not only promotes the joy of movement but also celebrates the diversity and spirit of the marathon community.


Engage and ExperienceVoltarol LED bus with open top at the london marathon 2024

Attendees can immerse themselves in the fun, grabbing free goodies and learning more about how Voltarol can support their athletic endeavors, not just on race day but in their everyday fitness journeys. The message is clear: whether you’re running, cheering, or just passing by, the “Rainbow Row” is there to uplift and energize.

As the London Marathon paints the town with strides and cheers, Voltarol’s “Rainbow Row” LED Bus adds its own burst of brilliance, transforming every mile into a celebration of motion and color.