5 Exemplary Cases Of Successful Roadshow Marketing By Brands

Why Roadshows?

Roadshow marketing offers a unique approach to introducing your products or services to a broader audience. It involves taking a mini-exhibition on a tour, allowing for direct interaction with potential customers, partners, and investors. This method is excellent for building relationships and deeply understanding your audience’s needs.

Roadshows are pivotal for raising awareness and generating leads. Their mobile nature provides the flexibility to engage audiences in various strategic locations, enhancing brand visibility and direct communication with potential and existing clients.

Examples of Successful Roadshow Marketing For Brand Promotion

In the dynamic world of brand promotion, roadshow marketing stands out as a highly engaging strategy to showcase products and services directly to the audience. Here, we highlight five exemplary cases of successful roadshow marketing from various companies, including our own efforts.

These examples showcase the versatility and impact of roadshows across different industries and regions, demonstrating how direct engagement can significantly elevate brand recognition and customer interaction.

1) Shell’s Product Training Roadshow

Shell has launched a Germany and France-wide roadshow to help independent car dealerships and automotive workshops increase their lubricant sales.

Shell embarked on a roadshow across Germany and France, transforming a showtruck into an exhibition pavilion. This initiative aimed to increase lubricant sales by offering in-depth product information and future industry insights.

2) Genesis: Creating a New Luxury Brand

Genesis, the new luxury brand of Hyundai, adapts its strategy to the times and go beyond expectations. 
With the claim “we are coming to you” has turned our showroom into the “Genesis mobile Lounge”

Genesis redefined luxury car marketing by introducing the “Genesis Mobile Lounge,” a unique space where customers could explore and test drive the latest models.

3) Wimbledon W12 Experience

Presented for the second year with Vodafone, the Official Connectivity Partner of The Championships, the Wimbledon Experience activation included table tennis and a giant racket seat embedded in a living wall, providing the perfect Instagramable photo opportunities.

The Wimbledon W12 experience brought the excitement of the tennis championships to fans in an immersive setting, combining live matches with an English garden-themed viewing area.

4) Speedo’s Mobile Pop-Up Shop

Speedo was founded in Australia in 1928 and is the world's
leading swimwear brand. To bring Speedo's vision to life and turn the Showplace truck into
a portable Speedo pop-up shop in UK United Kingdom London

Speedo turned a truck into a portable pop-up shop, creating an engaging retail environment for showcasing their swimwear and accessories.

5) BMW Roadshow by The Clear Idea

BMW X2, taking it on a tour across Greece to introduce this remarkable vehicle to potential customers and BMW car dealers

Us at The Clear Idea, played a crucial role in launching the BMW X2 across Greece, providing an interactive platform for potential customers and dealers to engage with the vehicle directly.

Notable points include

  • Delivered in less than a month from our very first call with Amuse – BMW Greece’s agency
  • Features Gullwing doors – sides that could be opened wide
  • Operated on solar power and an onboard generator

For more details, you can download the full case study on our dedicated BMW X2 Roadshow page.

6) Dell Tech Rally

 Dell products and accessories directly to their clients and distributors, no matter where they are in Europe. They wanted an experience that allow visitors to engage with the brand in a way that differentiated them from competitors. Dell Tech Rally visited 18 countries in Europe

Following our success with the BMW X2, we embarked on an ambitious project with Dell to help them to introduce its latest lineup of consumer products to the European market, embarking on an ambitious project together within 12 months:

  • Dell visited 18 countries
  • Travelled for 53,000 kms
  • Delivered 92 appointments
  • 0 appointments missed
  • 0 delivered late.

This roadshow clearly shows our capability to manage complex logistics and scheduling across diverse geographic locations, ensuring a seamless and impactful brand experience. Click here to read about our Dell case study.

Need Help Planning Your Roadshow Marketing Campaign?

For companies considering roadshow marketing, planning is key. Understanding your audience, selecting the right locations, and creating engaging content are crucial steps to ensuring your roadshow’s success. This is where our comprehensive guide comes into play, read the full Guide to Selecting a Perfect Roadshow Solutions here.

At The Clear Idea, we specialize in bringing innovative roadshow marketing campaigns to life. With a proven track record of success, we’re here to help elevate your brand to the next level. Reach out to us to discuss how we can bring your brand to life.