Glamazon Make a Splash at London Pride with Stunning Floats

Amazon’s LGBT division, Glamazon, once again made a spectacular appearance at the London Pride Parade with their stunning 10-meter power float. We had the pleasure of building their float last year and were thrilled to do so again this year. It featured eye-catching perimeter branding that wrapped around the edge of the float, creating a bold and unmissable presence.

Amazon's Glamazon division captivates with a 10-meter power float at London Pride, adorned with vibrant branding and pulsating with music from corner-mounted speakers.

Located strategically at each corner were powerful speakers, ensuring that the energy and music flowed seamlessly throughout the parade. The float also included a practical side door, providing easy access for people to join in and celebrate.

Glamazon members exude joy on Amazon Music's Pride float at London's parade, with vibrant flags waving and a whimsical design that captures the spirit of the celebration

Interestingly, Amazon’s Glamazon float was one of the last to set off this year, positioned towards the back of the parade. This placement did not diminish its impact, however; the float stood out with its vibrant design and lively atmosphere.

Glamazon participants radiate joy on Amazon Music's float at London Pride, with vivid decorations and the iconic 'Amazon' smile logo inverted to spell 'Glamazon.' Security and onlookers line the parade route, contributing to a lively and inclusive atmosphere

Sharing the spotlight, we also created a float for Procter and Gamble. This “low rider” float, stretching 13 1/2 meters long, was able to accommodate up to 60 people. Its design and size made it yet another notable entry in the parade, showcasing our capability to cater to diverse needs and concepts in float design.

Amazon's Glamazon division captivates at London Pride with a 10-meter power float, featuring vibrant branding and accompanied by energetic participants and powerful music

The Amazon Glamazon float and the Procter and Gamble float were both testaments to our commitment to bringing brands to life in the most dynamic and engaging ways possible during such significant events.