Cisco Lights Up London Pride Parade with Eco-Friendly Tech Float

When Cisco, a leading American IT company, came to us with their vision for a standout float at London Pride, they were clear about their need for a design that not only looked good but also embodied their commitment to environmental sustainability. We were thrilled to help bring this vision to life, creating a float that made Cisco the center of attention.

Cisco showcased their innovation and eco-conscious ethos by opting for a Tesla electric vehicle to tow their float. This choice was a bold statement in support of sustainability and set a new benchmark for environmentally responsible parade participation.


Cisco steals the show at London Pride with a Tesla-towed float, merging high-tech innovation with eco-friendly design. Experience their sound-filled sustainable journey.

The float itself was a masterpiece of technology and design. Featuring a high-quality sound system and full DJ equipment, it became the heart of the celebration with Cisco’s own DJ at the helm. The creativity extended to the float’s aesthetics, with custom-made grass and unique honeycomb props adorning its sides, adding layers of visual interest.

Cisco's eco-innovative float at London Pride Parade, a blend of green tech and celebration. Dive into their sustainable journey.

Above the float, the iconic Cisco bridge logo was suspended, symbolizing the company’s bridge between technology and progress. This was complemented by handmade bees and butterflies, adding a natural, whimsical touch to the high-tech showcase.

Cisco Float London Pride. Cisco's sustainable innovation at London Pride with their eco-friendly float

We ensured the branding on both the Cisco float and the Tesla towing vehicle was seamless and striking. The sound system was strategically placed to envelop the crowd in music, making the parade experience immersive and memorable for everyone.

Immerse in the vibrancy of London Pride with Cisco's forward-thinking and sustainable float with tesla


Cisco’s presence in the parade was more than just a float; it was a moving statement of excellence and innovation. The bees and butterflies floating above, the DJ energizing the crowd from the back, and the cohesive branding all came together to create an impactful and memorable spectacle. We’re proud to have helped Cisco demonstrate how a commitment to the environment and cutting-edge technology can merge to create a truly remarkable parade experience.