Dell’s European Roadshow Adventure with the Tech Rally Mobile

Dell hit us up with an exciting challenge: they wanted to introduce their latest gadgets to the European market. But they knew that doing roadshows in Europe was a whole different ball game compared to the US.

Inside Dell's Tech Rally Mobile, visitors explore the latest Dell technology. The interior showcases sleek laptops, desktops, and monitors arranged on minimalist white shelves and desks. The modern setup, illuminated by natural light, offers an interactive experience with tech enthusiasts engaging with the products, underlining Dell's innovation during their European Roadshow Adventure.
Inside Dell’s Tech Rally Mobile, visitors explore the latest Dell technology.

Their goal? To take their entire new lineup of products and accessories right to their clients and distributors, no matter where in Europe they were. Dell wanted a unique experience that would make them stand out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what we delivered.

Inside the Dell Tech Rally Mobile, three professionals engage with Dell's latest technology during the European Roadshow. They stand around an array of state-of-the-art Dell monitors and laptops displayed on sleek white furniture, indicative of the innovative and interactive experience provided by Dell's mobile showcase.

With the clock ticking and just six weeks until the big launch in Copenhagen, we went all in. We brainstormed, designed, built, and rolled out the Dell Tech Rally Mobile. This roadshow truck is a beast – 8.55 meters long, stretching out to 10 meters with steps. It’s got a roomy 6.2-meter body, stands 3.5 meters tall, and is 2.46 meters wide. It’s hard to miss! Plus, we made sure it’s accessible to everyone, including a wheelchair-friendly lift.

The Dell Tech Rally Mobile truck, a mobile showcase, parked and ready for visitors. Its large glass panels reveal an interior lined with the latest Dell technology products, prominently displayed against a clean, white backdrop. The exterior, emblazoned with the Dell Technologies and Intel logos, reflects the blue skies above, suggesting an innovative, accessible, and eco-friendly approach to their European Roadshow.
Dell’s Innovative Roadshow Truck Showcases Latest Gadgets Across Europe

The truck runs on solar power and an onboard generator, making it both eco-friendly and practical. It’s kitted out with a high-speed wireless router and backup for uninterrupted connectivity. But for the best results, we recommend hooking it up to a 2 x 16 amp CE 240 volt, IP44 single-phase connection.

A neatly organized display within the Dell Tech Rally Mobile, featuring an array of Dell monitors and laptops on a modern wooden workstation, all showcasing vibrant screen savers. This setup reflects Dell's commitment to combining sleek design with cutting-edge technology for their European Roadshow.
Dell’s Sleek Showcase

This high-tech wonder was the perfect showcase for Dell’s innovation. It was packed with everything from sleek keyboards to the latest laptops and eye-catching monitors, all displayed in a custom-built, stunning setting.

Dell laptops and monitors on display within the Tech Rally Mobile, with vibrant abstract wallpapers, against a backdrop featuring the Intel logo. This intimate setting highlights the partnership between Dell and Intel, offering a glimpse into the synergy of technology and design on the European roadshow.

Over the next 12 months, the Dell Tech Rally Mobile was on the move big time. It visited 18 countries, covered 53,000 kilometers, and nailed 92 appointments – without a single delay or no-show.

map showing all the cities in europe where you dell tech rally mobile road show showcase travelled across 53000 kms
map illustrating the extensive journey of Dell’s Tech Rally Mobile across Europe.

We tackled all sorts of logistical challenges like finding secure parking, ensuring on-site power, dealing with road closures, arranging accommodation for our driver, and more. And we made sure to keep everyone in the loop. Since our client was often in a different country, we set up a solid feedback system involving everyone – the client, customers, distributors, and the event organizer. We even had the event organizer send feedback directly to our client in the USA, so we could fix any issues ASAP.

The Dell Tech Rally Mobile truck is stationed with its steps unfurled for visitors. The vehicle's side panel is partially visible, showcasing the Dell and Intel logos, indicating a collaborative tech showcase within. A passerby strides by, setting a dynamic scene at this European roadshow stop
Dell’s Rally Truck with Privacy Blinds for Safe Tech Showcasing

Security was a top priority. We had to protect loads of expensive gear and our team. So, we took these steps:

  1. Privacy glass on the vehicle – keeping our precious cargo out of sight.
  2. Satellite tracking, a driver panic button, and real-time alerts for anything unusual.
  3. GPS tagging for the vehicle keys, just in case.
  4. A voltage test kit to make sure the event’s power supply wouldn’t fry our electronics.
  5. Risk assessments for every event venue.
A close-up of Dell's Tech Rally Mobile truck, showcasing its deep blue cabin and white cargo area emblazoned with the Tech Rally logo. The truck's sturdy design and privacy blinds promise a secure mobile tech experience as it travels for the European showcase.
Dell’s Rally Truck: Secure and Mobile for Europe’s Tech Showcase

And guess what? Not a single event was missed or delayed. That’s how you do a roadshow, Dell style!