Harley Davidson’s 120th Anniversary Celebration with the Live Wire Showcase

2023 marked a significant milestone for Harley Davidson – 120 years of roaring engines and rebellious spirit. To commemorate this monumental birthday, the iconic motorbike manufacturer threw an epic celebration in their hometown. Veterans’ Park in Milwaukee underwent a remarkable transformation into a colossal festival site, with the main stage stealing the spotlight on Saturday night as The Foo Fighters took the helm.

 motorcycle commands attention amid the colossal festival transformation. The Foo Fighters electrify the main stage in the background. This roadshow, an expandable and mobile spectacle, epitomizes the American spirit - a United States automotive pop-up and dynamic hospitality unit, merging the thrill of the open road with the heart of American festivities

Our role in this grand celebration was to provide a showcase for the newest addition to the Harley family – the Live Wire, an electric bike that embodied the future of Harley Davidson. Housed in a 44ft expanding VIP hospitality unit, the centerpiece featured two Live Wire bikes, including the stunning new Del Mar model.

Front view of the Harley Davidson LiveWire showcase at Veterans' Park, proudly standing as an American icon. The expansive design welcomes visitors to explore the heart of electric innovation, embodying the spirit of freedom and the open road. A showcase that rivals the allure of a sizzling burger on a summer day or the excitement of a classic American event.
LiveWire shines at Veterans’ Park, a symbol of Harley’s electric prowess

The unit also boasted customization options, an 85” screen playing digital Live Wire content, a Sonos sound system, and an array of memorabilia and Live Wire merchandise.

he vibrant world of Harley Davidson's LiveWire showcase at Veterans' Park. The new LiveWire bike takes center stage, radiating colors that capture the essence of American freedom and innovation. The showcase interior mirrors the lively spirit of a Fourth of July celebration, inviting enthusiasts to experience electric exhilaration. This is Harley's commitment to a ride as bold and dynamic as the American dream
Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar model

Over the three-day extravaganza, the hospitality unit became a magnet for over 10,000 visitors, with several enthusiasts committing to the future of electric riding by placing deposits for the Live Wire bike. As the main acts took the stage, our showcase transitioned into ‘night-mode,’ bathing in purple neon lighting that made it stand out in the midst of the 30,000-strong crowd.

Harley Davidson's LiveWire showcase at Veterans' Park takes on a mesmerizing 'night-mode,' bathed in patriotic purple neon lighting. Amidst a sea of 30,000-strong enthusiasts, the showcase becomes a beacon of American innovation and electric prowess. The crowd gathers like fans at a major sporting event, captivated by the bold spirit of freedom that Harley embodies. Join the electric revolution and witness the showcase shine, a star in the American night sky
Engaging ‘night-mode’ with vibrant purple neon lighting, it stands out next to the crowd.

The Live Wire showcase took center stage, capturing the attention of hardcore petrolheads. Visitors were not only captivated by the bike’s striking aesthetics but also awestruck by its epic performance. Going from 0 to 60 in just three seconds, the Live Wire proved to be a formidable contender among the legendary Harley bikes of the past.

Gaze upon the breathtaking Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar, a metallic masterpiece at the heart of Veterans' Park showcase. This American beauty, with its lustrous grey allure, mirrors the precision of a quarterback's throw or the sizzle of a perfectly grilled hotdog at a summer cookout. Step into the showcase and experience the fusion of high-octane power and American craftsmanship, where the LiveWire S2 Del Mar stands as a symbol of freedom, just like the thrill of a touchdown on game day.
Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar model in space grey.

To complement the showcase, a test-drive center was set up down the road in Deadwood, inviting enthusiasts to experience the thrill firsthand.

A lively scene around the expandable Harley Davidson LiveWire showcase at Veterans' Park. Friends chat, laughter echoes, and the excitement is palpable—like the buzz of a tailgate party before a big game. People flow in and out, much like the energy of a football stadium. It's a gathering where the spirit of freedom meets the camaraderie of shared stories, just like a summer barbecue with hotdogs and good company. The LiveWire showcase becomes an expandable hub of connection, where the thrill of the open road merges with the joy of community
A lively scene around the expandable Harley Davidson LiveWire showcase at Veterans’ Park.

Our modern hospitality unit played a pivotal role in introducing the vanguard of electric bikes to a global audience of die-hard Harley fans. It was a celebration of the past, present, and future, where the Live Wire emerged as a shining star in the legacy of Harley Davidson.

napshots and engaging in lively conversations. It's a scene reminiscent of a tailgate party—akin to the buzz of a football game day. Amidst the excitement, the spirit of freedom blends seamlessly with the joy of shared stories, creating a dynamic atmosphere. Just like a summer day filled with hotdogs and camaraderie, the LiveWire showcase becomes a hub of connection and celebration
Enthusiasts gather around the dazzling new LiveWire S2 Del Mar.