Arsenal Football Club’s Vibrant Float in London Pride

It was a day filled with anticipation and excitement. As we approached the colorful scene of Pride in London 2022, the Arsenal Football Club float stood ready, a symbol of love, diversity, and unity. Arsenal, a name well-known in football, was set to celebrate its LGBTQ+ fans and reinforce its commitment to inclusion.

In the vibrant heart of London, a jubilant procession of Arsenal's Gay Gunners fans makes its way down the bustling streets during the London Pride Parade 2023. Clad in team colors, they wave Arsenal and rainbow pride flags with infectious enthusiasm, their faces alight with joy and pride. The scene is a beautiful tapestry of sportsmanship and LGBTQ+ solidarity, symbolizing unity and inclusivity, as the spirited chants of football songs blend harmoniously with the cheers of Pride. Joyful Gay Gunners, Arsenal football fans, marching in London Pride Parade 2023, waving Arsenal and pride flags.
The Gay Gunners celebrate Pride 2023 with Arsenal spirit in London.

Last year, Arsenal made a statement with a dazzling LED float. This year, they chose a piece of London’s rich history. The main attraction? A 1950s Routemaster double-decker bus, an iconic symbol of London’s transportation past, decorated with the club’s colors and the cannon emblem, a nod to their heritage.

A classic 1950s Routemaster double-decker bus, an iconic piece of London's transportation history, proudly serves as the float for the Gay Gunners, Arsenal's enthusiastic supporters, in a vibrant parade. Adorned in the club's striking red and white colors, the bus also features the renowned cannon emblem, a tribute to Arsenal's rich heritage. On the upper deck, a group of cheerful fans wave energetically, their faces beaming with joy. They are draped in Arsenal gear and holding flags, their cheers and laughter creating an atmosphere of celebration and inclusivity.
The Gay Gunners on a Vintage Routemaster.

The group known as the “Gay Gooners,” Arsenal’s LGBTQ+ supporters’ wing, shows the club’s welcoming spirit. The term “Gooners” is a playful twist on “Gunners,” a reference to the team’s crest. Their participation in Pride is a strong statement of inclusivity.

An iconic 1950s Routemaster double-decker bus, a quintessential symbol of London's historical transportation, is transformed into a celebratory float for the Gay Gunners of Arsenal. Adorned in the club's vibrant red and white hues, the bus proudly displays Arsenal's famous cannon emblem, paying homage to the team's rich heritage. On the second floor of the decker, a group of enthusiastic fans are seen waving and cheering, their faces radiant with joy. Each one is actively participating in the festivities, embodying the spirit of inclusion and camaraderie that the club stands for.


The Routemaster, decorated in Pride colors and the “G” of “Gay Gooners,” was more than just a bus; it was a moving celebration of solidarity and support. Onboard were supporters, musicians, and a sense of community joy. The choice of a battery-powered sound system highlighted Arsenal’s commitment to environmental sustainability, in line with the spirit of the Pride parade.

A side view of the Gay Gunner float reveals its stunning transformation for the London Pride Parade 2023. The iconic 1950s Routemaster bus, a symbol of London's transport legacy, is wrapped in a vibrant vinyl covering that features a radiant rainbow pattern, symbolizing LGBTQ+ pride and inclusivity. Boldly emblazoned across this colorful backdrop are the initials 'GG' for Gay Gunner, intertwined with the emblematic symbols of Arsenal, showcasing a harmonious blend of football fandom and pride celebration. The float, adorned in this striking attire, moves through the streets of London, capturing the spirit of the event and the community it represents
The Gay Gunner Float Celebrates with Rainbow Colors.

The Arsenal Routemaster, decorated with the “G” for “Gay Gooners,” serves as a poignant reminder of the unifying power of sports. It’s about connecting people and promoting a spirit of togetherness. Arsenal Football Club, with their colorful display at Pride in London, shows that they are not just a team for “Gunners” but a community for “Gooners” of all kinds.

In the midst of a bustling crowd at the London Pride Parade 2023, the Gay Gunner Arsenal float stands out. A vintage 1950s Routemaster double-decker bus, an emblem of London's transport heritage, is brilliantly adorned with Arsenal's club colors and the iconic cannon emblem. On the second floor, enthusiastic fans wave and cheer, adding to the parade's lively atmosphere. Surrounded by a sea of Pride parade walkers, the bus is a moving celebration of Arsenal's commitment to inclusivity and heritage
Arsenal’s Pride: The Gay Gunner Float Amidst the Parade’s Jubilation.

As the bus moved through the streets, it became a highlight of the parade, a symbol of Arsenal’s dedication to its diverse fan base. The imagery of the day, captured in photos and videos, showed the vibrant essence of Pride in London. The Arsenal float was not just a vehicle; it was a beacon of acceptance and diversity.

In the midst of a bustling crowd at the Pride Parade, a 1950s Routemaster double-decker bus stands out as the Gay Gunners' Arsenal float. Adorned in Arsenal's classic red and white, with the emblematic cannon symbolizing the club's heritage, the bus exudes a festive spirit. The upper deck is alive with fans, passionately waving and cheering. Surrounded by parade walkers, the float embodies a blend of historical London charm and contemporary celebration, mirroring the inclusive and vibrant atmosphere of the event.
The Gay Gunner Float in the Heart of the Parade.

Arsenal’s involvement in Pride in London goes beyond celebration. It’s a reflection of the club’s core values and a message of unity. In a world where sports have a significant impact on society, Arsenal’s presence at Pride in London is a powerful demonstration of their commitment to inclusivity and acceptance.