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Renault Green Tour Hits The Road

Renault – Mobile Training Centres

The Clear Idea has a strong history of providing mobile training centers for automotive brands. We have taken BMW on the road to educate consumers about their i-series, the ‘Mini Makes Sense’ roadshow highlighting the benefits of Mini as a great choice for a fleet vehicle. But none of our training roadshows has been as audacious as the Renault Green Tour which hit the road this week.

Mobile training centers make a lot of sense. Rather than dragging people from offices to come and see you at some business hotel conference room with as much atmosphere as the moon, taking your training to them in the form of an on-site educational roadshow is a welcome alternative and also makes a lot of sense economically. That’s why Renault decided to train all 11,000 employees on site across a six week period (gulp).


You can learn more about the expanding roadshow vehicle Renault used here.


Renault Green Tour

How Was It Done?


To hit this ambitious target of 11,000 people trained on the new Renault hybrid range in just six weeks it was necessary to use a fleet of eight roadshow vehicles.  Each unit was allocated a driver and a specific territory of operation across the country.

The expanding Pulse showcases were the perfect choice for these on-site training centers as they deploy in a matter of minutes and also create a fantastic footprint once they double in width.


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The result of this roadshow will be that every customer-facing employee of the Renault family will have been trained on the features and benefits of their award-winning hybrid cars. In turn, Renault staff will be totally engaged with the new Renault products and will be delivering a more informed message to its new and existing customers.

If you’re looking for a mobile training solution then we’d love to help. As you can see, we are experts in delivering best-in-class mobile training venues for clients across the globe.