Benefits of Expandable Roadshow Vehicles & Mobile Marketing Trailers

Expandable Roadshow Vehicles

Are you frustrated by event structures that don’t look very premium and need a small army to set up? If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place. Our Pulse units are the answer to your problems. Not only does our Pulse design have a real ‘wow’ factor, our expandable roadshow vehicles can be set up in a few minutes by just one person.

Welcome To The Future of Roadshow Vehicles

The benefits of taking your brand on the road are undeniable. A great roadshow lets brands communicate and educate consumers in their own playgrounds. However, finding the right roadshow vehicle is not as easy as it sounds.

Many of our clients came to us as they were fed up with the cumbersome designs of roadshow trailers. They featured the same technology and aesthetic as the units fabricated in the 1980s (that’s because many of the units we fabricated in the 80s!). They simply were not befitting of a contemporary brand.

To make matter worse, not only did the unit design look old and dated they were difficult to set up and required a team on site for a day or two for the set up. Anybody that plans events and roadshows regularly knows this is a problem for several reasons. Long set up times often cannot be accommodated by the venue provider, and if you are lucky enough to have flexibility around location access, the next problem is the sheer cost of having a large team on site to do the build. Many people on site becomes expensive with not only wages that need to be paid but costly hotel bills and subsistence per diems too.


That’s why our Pulse units are a game changer for the roadshow industry. Here’s why;


  1. The design looks brilliant
  2. Two different sizes to suit space available (7.5m & 13m)
  3. The units very easily expand to create a fantastic footprint to host your roadshow or event – no cramped spaces with people squashed in like sardines
  4. One person can set them up – this is a huge benefit as it keeps costs low and this can make the difference between a roadshow that is financially viable and one that is not
  5. The installation is quick – this keeps location fees to a minimum with many clients able to install their event the same morning
  6. Customisable – the expandable roadshow trailers can be transformed to ensure they are the embodiment of the brand on show

Pulse Trailer

  • 65 sq metres of floor space
  • Internal Surface Area (closed): 13.2m x 2.45m
  • Internal Surface Area (open): 13.2m x 4.85m
  • Floor height 83cm
  • Ceiling height 2.5m
  • Different glazing options available
  • Roof terrace option available

Pulse Container

  • Internal Surface Area (closed): 7.5m x 2.45m
  • Internal Surface Area (open): 7.5m x 4.65m
  • Floor height 15cm
  • Ceiling height 2.5m
  • Different glazing options available
  • Can accommodate a car


  • Easy to transport using standardised trucking equipment
  • Quick to deploy – ‘Plug & Play’ – minimal human resource required – low set up costs
  • Modern, sleek, premium look and feel befitting any premium brand
  • Fully customisable
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Mains / Generator power both possible

If you’re looking for a best-in-class roadshow unit and would like to know more about our Pulse range you can make an enquiry about the purchase or rental of a Pulse unit please fill out our form.