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POP UPS: Where Do They Go From Here?

Pop ups and brands are not new to each other. Brands have been utilising pop ups for some time now, however are brands moving away from the traditional bricks and mortar pop up, or is the right question is it now time for brands to move away from the traditional pop up store? These bricks and mortar pop ups have been a fantastic outlet for brands as they took advantage of the rise in empty store units with some amazing pop ups on show. However, with reduced footfall due to CV19 coupled with high rents and costly fit outs would a more cost-effective concept be a one size fits all unit, fit for any brand and even large enough to accommodate a car?

This summer Dior looked to take brand engagement to new heights across the Med. Their aptly named ‘Dioriviera’ roadshow popped up at various exclusive holiday destinations in Italy and France. The location of the Dior customer was the driving force behind the location selection as opposed to the availability of traditional pop up retail space. The campaign’s raison d’être was perfectly summed up by Dior themselves.


“Pop-ups complete our retail strategy. We aim to go where the client goes. [It] allows us to have a presence in the locations to which our clients travel and to be able to offer what they might need while on vacation,” a Dior spokesperson says.

This month also saw the opening of the Rolling Stones experience store in Carnaby Street, without a doubt an iconic location but would this concept have been better in a mobile unit traveling the UK so the extended UK population could experience it? With an asset owned or hired they could have used the pop up to complement tours and engage the whole population en-route

With footfall in traditional retail environments down due to Covid19 where to do pop ups go from here? Answer: on the road and anywhere you need them.

Andrew Bodwick is Head of Sales The Clear Idea, a company that specialises in helping brands with the provision of mobile and temporary real estate solutions. Our services include structure design, manufacture, installation and roadshow execution.

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